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Chapter 54 hero

'Stop fighting!'

after throwing several hoodlums, Liu Jing yelled and asked other hoodlums to stop.

'hit him!'

who knows, after seeing him as the culprit, these thugs directly left brother XiaoSuan behind and surrounded Liu Jing with a fat beating.

although Liu Jing has unparalleled power in her right hand, she does not know martial arts. She was also beaten by the public and scurried.

Jiang Chen stands up when he sees this and rushes forward to spread the twelve legs of tan.

bang bang.

accompanied by a series of dull noises, five or six gangsters were kicked out in the blink of an eye.

seeing Jiang Chen's amazing strength, the rest of the gangsters were afraid and hesitated.

on the other side of the hall sits a young man and woman, who are Huo min and Zheng Wei from the Huo family martial arts school.

seeing Jiang Chen's crisp leg movements, Huo min's eyes lit up and praised him:

'this man's leg movements are very powerful.'

Zheng Wei has always liked his younger martial sister Huo min. seeing that she praised other men, he curled his lips and said in disapproval:

'I think it's just like that. It's nothing special.'

Ali looks at Jiang Chen standing up and saving two waiters bullied by the underworld. Her eyes show admiration.

she always worships heroes. She always fantasizes that her lover is a world-class hero with strong martial arts. She can uphold justice, defy power and punish evil.

now, in Jiang Chen, she seems to see the figure in her fantasy.

Ali's heart pounded when she thought of it, and she felt a strong palpitation.

Jiang Chen reached out to Liu Jing on the ground and said:

'are you all right?'

Liu Jing has a strong physique. Although she was beaten, she was not hurt. He stood up and patted her clothes:

'nothing, thank you.'

brother xiaounrestrained also came to Jiang Chen's back and stood still.

at this time, a bald elder brother came over, frowned at Jiang Chen, and said discontentedly:

'boy, this has nothing to do with you. Do you want to stand up?'

Jiang Chen calmly replied:

'so what?'

baldheaded brother got angry and was about to speak. Liu Jing hurried forward and apologized:

'misunderstanding, it's all misunderstanding. Don't be angry, everyone. This is my fault. I thought you didn't like beef balls, so I changed you sausage rolls. Who knows what you really don't like? You know the most famous one in our restaurant...

' shut up for me. '

the bald elder brother pushed away the squiggling Liu Jing, stared at Jiang Chen with a pair of eyes, and asked with a fierce expression:

'where are you from? Dare you report your name?'

after seeing Jiang Chen's amazing leg skills, the bald brother guessed that Jiang Chen's identity might not be simple, so he didn't make a rash move, but planned to make a detour first.

Jiang Chen also announced his identity:

'global elite sports center, ancient boxing department, Jiang Chen.'

the name of global elite sports center is very famous on Hong Kong Island, and few people do not know it.

bald brother has naturally heard of it, and he knows that the power behind this sports center is very deep. When he heard that Jiang Chen came from the sports center, he could not help but frown. After a moment's hesitation, he didn't want to become sworn enemies with Jiang Chen because of a small matter.

'OK, for your sake, I'll spare these two guys today. Let's go.'

the bald brother was afraid that the guests who had just escaped would call the police, so he didn't dare to stay and directly left with his younger brothers.

another gang of triads also withdrew after seeing the situation.

the hall became empty at once.

'what's wrong with people?'

at this time, the owner of the restaurant rushed over and saw that the hall was in a mess, with cups, plates, bowls and chopsticks scattered all over the floor. He couldn't help but ask Liu Jing and brother smart with a black face:

'here, what is this?'

Liu Jing embarrassed to come forward and explained:

'boss, it's like this. Just now...

the boss heard that the incident was caused by Liu Jing and brother Xiao. He couldn't help getting angry:

' the first day of work was a mess. You don't have to do it. My little temple can't accommodate big Buddhas like you. Hurry up. '

'boss, give me another chance.'

Liu Jing pleads repeatedly.

he came to Hong Kong Island from the mainland to look for a job. Unexpectedly, he was robbed of his wallet and lost the contact information of his fellow countrymen just after he arrived in Hong Kong Island. He finally found a job as a waiter. Unexpectedly, he would lose his job on the first day of work.

the boss is very resolute, waving his hand and saying:

'I still want to continue doing business. You'd better harm others.'

said that, ignoring Liu Jing's plea, he turned and left.

Liu Jing sighed and felt unlucky.

his companion brother XiaoSuan didn't care, and even laughed:

'OK, I'm free again.'

Liu Jing looks at his heartless appearance and gets angry:

'you still laugh. Without a job, we will starve to death in the street in a few days.'

brother XiaoSuan said indifferently:

'don't worry, there is always a road to the mountain. Life has its ups and downs. You can't die of hunger if you follow me.'

Jiang Chen looks at depressed Liu Jing and suddenly has an idea in his heart. He opens his mouth and says to Liu Jing:

'are you also from mainland China?'

Liu Jing nodded and asked unexpectedly, 'yes, are you too?'

Jiang Chen said:

'I just came to Hong Kong Island from the mainland. If you want to find a job, I may be able to recommend one for you.'

Liu Jing was pleasantly surprised and even couldn't believe it:

'really? That's great.'

Jiang Chen said:

'come to me at the snack bar next to the global elite sports center tomorrow, and we'll talk about it later.'

Liu Jing nodded repeatedly:

'OK, thank you very much.'

after a few polite words with him, Jiang Chen returned to his seat.

as soon as she sat down, she saw Ali staring at herself. Her eyes were bold and hot. She asked strangely:

'what's wrong with you?'

'ah? Nothing.'

Ali quickly recovered her normal expression upon hearing the words and said with some emotion:

'I just think that if you were born in ancient times, you must be a knight errant.'

Jiang Chen always thinks that he is just a layman, full of worldly desires, and does not think that he can be a knight errant:

'you flatter me. I am not so noble.'

Ali doesn't believe it and thinks that Jiang Chen is being self humble:

'don't be humble. I can see that the delivery man who delivered the food defended the injustice and rescued the two waiters today.'

next day, early morning.

Jiang Chen came to the canteen as usual to prepare for cultivation.

as soon as we met, ghost King Da winked at him and asked him in a gossipy way:

'did you ride a horse with ALI yesterday?'

your boy is really lucky. Ali is the most beautiful girl in the sports center. '

Jiang Chen said angrily:

'what are you thinking? Ali and I just had a meal together.'

ghost King Da looked at Jiang Chen contemptuously and said:

'do you think I will believe it?'

'believe it or not.'

Jiang Chen did not bother to explain, but changed the topic and asked:

'how is the reopening of the ancient boxing department?'

when ghost King Da heard him mention the ancient boxing department, his face also regained its seriousness:

'the venue and equipment are all ready, and you can enroll students today.

when the procedures are completed in these two days, you can sign up for the world free fight competition.

you represent the ancient boxing department. If you can win the championship, our department can also become famous in one fight, and I can follow you to shine.'

Jiang Chen doesn't care about other things. As long as he can participate in the competition, he is determined to win the ten million yuan prize.

at this time, a clear voice came from the canteen:

'Hello, is there anyone?'

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