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Chapter 55 be overcome by one 's feelings

Jiang Chen recognized that the owner of the voice was Liu Jing, and couldn't help saying to ghost King Da:

'just in time, I'll introduce you to someone.'

ghost Wang Da is curious: 'who is it?'

Jiang Chen stood up and walked to the door, saying:

'aren't you going to be the head of the ancient boxing department? I've found someone to help you watch the snack bar. Of course, the most important thing is to let him be your apprentice.'

ghost Wang Da said with pride:

'it's not so easy to be my apprentice.'

'don't worry, you will be satisfied with this person.'

when they came to the snack bar while talking, they saw Liu Jing standing outside in plain clothes and thin figure.

after Jiang Chen introduced the two sides, he said to ghost King Da:

'Liu Jing's right hand is born with divine power and is excellent martial arts training material. I will not pit you.'

the ghost King Da was also interested in the speech and said to Liu Jing:

'show me your magic power. If it is really as powerful as what Jiang Chen said, I will take you as an apprentice and let you take care of this canteen.'

Liu Jing now only wants to find a job and be able to support herself. She doesn't refuse when she hears the words. She looks around and sees several big stones not far away, and walks over.

he stretched out his right hand to insert it under the stone and grasped it firmly. Then he lifted the stone with a gentle lift. The stone weighing more than 100 kilograms was as light as nothing in his hand.


then Liu Jing gave a low shout, and suddenly threw the stone upward

. With a huff, the heavy stone suddenly flew up to seven or eight meters, then fell down and hit the ground hard.


the stone smashed a shallow hole in the grass.

Liu Jing looks at the ghost King DA and asks with some trepidation:

'is this OK?'

the ghost King Da walked forward with his eyes shining. He grabbed Liu Jing's arm and stroked it back and forth like touching his lover's skin. He murmured:

'you are indeed born with divine power. Good. From today on, you will be my eldest disciple.'

Liu Jing got goose bumps when he touched her, and quickly broke away from the salty pig hand of ghost King da. He didn't care about the identity of any major disciple, but asked:

'did you agree to my work?'

ghost King Da nodded:

'I'll give you this snack bar in the future.'

Liu Jing showed her joy and said excitedly:

'OK, thank you, boss. I will do it well.'

the ghost King Da patted him on the shoulder and said:

'in addition to being the owner of the snack bar, I am also the head of the ancient boxing Department of the sports center. I am proficient in all kinds of ancient Chinese boxing. Would you like to learn from me?'

Liu Jing didn't want any mistakes in the job she just got, and nodded with interest:


'OK, then you can learn from the teacher.'

after a simple worship ceremony, the two formally established the master apprentice relationship.


universal Elite Sports Center held the reopening ceremony of the ancient boxing department.

subsequently, ghost Wangda began to formally recruit department students.

because Jiang Chen showed strong strength in several previous challenges, the news of the establishment of the ancient boxing Department attracted the attention of a large number of students.

many students from Taekwondo, Western boxing and judo departments have changed their families and come to the ancient boxing department to sign up for study, hoping to learn the fierce Leg Skills of Jiang Chen.

Ali is also one of these students.

she lined up and went to the ghost King Da to sign up. When she didn't see Jiang Chen, she asked:

'Uncle Da, where is Jiang Chen?'

ghost King Da looked at the team behind Ali and whispered:

'he's gone to the Kendo department. Please don't say anything.'

he was afraid that as soon as the news spread, all the students who came to the queue to register would run to watch the excitement, so he specially told them.

Ali wrinkled her nose somewhat discontentedly when she heard this:

'I can't be informed of this kind of thing. I can cheer for him.'

said that after reporting the name, she hurried to the Kendo department.

when Ali comes to the Kendo department, she just sees Jiang Chen coming out of the door.

in the venue, the students in the Kendo Department lay on the ground.

Ali couldn't help asking:

'why did you come out so soon?'

Jiang Chen: 'come out when it's over.'

alijiao complained in a voice: 'you should have informed me. I still want to see the battle between you and kendo department.'

while talking, she noticed that Jiang Chen's clothes were damaged in several places. Through the broken clothes, she could still see bruises and scars. She asked anxiously:

'are you hurt?'

'it's OK. It's just a slight injury.'

Jiang Chen said indifferently.

just now in the Kendo department, he first had a fight with the master Li Hang, and then challenged the students of the whole Kendo department.

Li Hang's sword technique is as fast as lightning, as powerful as thunder, and has the powerful power of opening monuments and splitting stones. However, it can't pose much threat to Jiang Chen now.

however, in the fight with many Kendo students, Jiang Chen was injured.

it has to be said that these students with bamboo swords are far more difficult to deal with than those from other departments.

fortunately, Jiang Chen is used to ordinary skin and flesh injuries, and some minor injuries can also help the cultivation of the golden bell jar iron cloth shirt.

according to Jiang Chen's estimation, his bell jar iron cloth shirt should be able to get started in a month.

this is not how talented Jiang Chen is, but his foundation has been laid. He has reached a certain height in both physical quality and internal power. There is no threshold for the practice of the golden bell jar iron cloth shirt. As long as he practices step by step.

Ali volunteered:

'Uncle Da is busy. Let me wipe your medicine for you.'

'well, you're the one who bothers you.'

after a moment's hesitation, Jiang Chen nodded without affectation and went to the lounge with ALI.

Ali: 'you wait here first. I'll go to the infirmary to get the medicine.'

'no, I have medicine here.'

Jiang Chen said and took out a small bottle of plaster.

this is the plaster he specially prepared two days ago. It is a secret medicine to assist the cultivation of the bell jar iron cloth shirt. The effect is better than the injury medicine given by ghost King da. Of course, the price is also very expensive. All the precious and rare medicinal materials are used. One ointment needs thousands of dollars.

fortunately, Jiang Chen sold his mobile phone before and still has money.

Ali took the plaster and said:

'then take off your clothes.'

Jiang Chen takes off his clothes and sits with his back to Ali.

Ali looks at Jiang Chen's strong body, angular muscle blocks, like sculptures, which contain the beauty of strength and masculinity. She can't help but secretly swallow saliva. Then she stabilizes her mind and begins to apply medicine.

it has to be said that Ali's soft hand is much better than the rough old hand of ghost King da.

Jiang Chen did not speak.

the atmosphere in the lounge gradually becomes a little charming.

after three minutes.

Jiang Chen felt something strange. He lowered his head and looked at the two small hands touching his abdomen. He could not help saying:

'I have no wound on my stomach, so I don't need to wipe it.'


Ali was surprised, then she realized what she was doing and said:

'sorry, I can't help it.'

said reluctantly and took back his hand.

Jiang Chen looks helpless, only blaming her current body for being too charming...

after applying the ointment, Ali doesn't stay much and leaves in a hurry.

Jiang Chen also went back to the snack bar, recalling the fight with members of the Kendo department, digesting and absorbing combat experience.

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