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Chapter 68 must

Ten days have passed.

Jiang chenwo, while practicing martial arts in the sports center, gradually feels a little boring.

remembering the two previous ambushes, he also realized that although his leg skills were strong, it was still difficult to cope with long-range opponents and multiple sieges.

for his own safety, Jiang Chen decided to practice his marksmanship. At the same time, he kept two guns in his personal space in the world in case of emergency.

on Hong Kong Island, as long as you have money and status, it's not difficult to practice shooting. There are many gun clubs here, which can let people learn to shoot.

with Jiang Chen's current status backed by such a big force as the sports center, it is not a problem to join the gun club and become a member.

for the next month, Jiang Chen would spare two hours to practice guns every day.

with a strong physical quality, he can get started quickly.

at the same time, Jiang Chen is also looking for channels to buy guns. After spending some money, he finally bought two guns and more than 100 bullets from a gang leader.

unknowingly, two months have passed, Jiang Chen has reaped a lot and returned to the real world.

Jiang Chen stands in his rental room, looking at the elegant environment in the room, he feels a little strange.

he spent two months in the world of the king of destruction, but in the real world, time still stays on the day he left, only one hour has passed.

Jiang Chen looked around in a daze. For a while, he didn't know what he should do.

compared with the wonderful life in the world of heaven, the reality is undoubtedly boring and even depressing. In this world, he has many worries after all. He can't be as willful as in the world of Heaven

. Jiang Chen sat on the sofa, took out his mobile phone to connect to the Internet, looked at all kinds of information at will, and brushed his mobile phone for two hours. Only then did he slowly regain the feeling of living in the 21st century.

later, Jiang Chen searched the information of the jadeite gambling stone trading market on the Internet.

after learning that the largest gambling market in China is in Pingzhou, I directly booked the ticket to Pingzhou on that day.

after packing his luggage, Jiang Chen took a taxi directly to the airport and took a plane to Pingzhou. After a round of shopping in the gambling market, he spent more than 100000 yuan to buy five jadeite stones.

the next day, Jiang Chen returned to Tianhai city with several original stones.

instead of rushing home, he went to the warehouse.

at this time, the original stone cutting machine he had ordered online had also been delivered.

after moving the machine into the warehouse, Jiang Chen first read the teaching materials and learned how to cut the original stone, and then began to cut the five original stones he bought.

when cutting, Jiang Chen inevitably thought that he might be able to cut jade. After all, these stones cost him more than 100000 yuan.

as a result, all five original stones were cut, only a pile of stones were cut out, and no green was seen at all.

Jiang Chen can't help but be speechless about this. The winning rate is too low. He can't even cut out a low-end jade.

fortunately, he didn't have much expectation on these original stones, and he didn't feel heartache.

after cleaning the warehouse and throwing the cutting machine and stones into the corner, Jiang Chen called Qian Suqing in the jewelry store:

'Hello, sister Qian, this is Jiang Chen.'

after a moment's silence, Qian Suqing remembered who Jiang Chen was and said:

'it's you. What can I do for you?'

Jiang Chen: 'I want to ask, do you accept high-grade jadeite wool embryonic materials in your store?'

Qian Suqing's voice was a little surprised:

'of course you do. Why, you have something in hand?'

'yes, let's make an appointment for an interview.'

Qian Suqing: 'meet me at my store at 3 pm. Do you have time?'

'OK, that's settled.'

after Jiang Chen said it, hang up.

in the afternoon, around 2:50.

Jiang Chen comes to Qian Suqing's jewelry store with a handbag.

after entering the store, he explained his intention and went to the reception room under the leadership of the manager.

in the reception room, besides Qian Suqing, there is also a middle-aged man with gold wire glasses.

after Qian Suqing invited Jiang Chen to his seat, he first introduced the identity of the middle-aged man:

'this is Wang Donglin, who is very good at jadeite.'

as Jiang Chen thought, the other party is an appraiser.

then Qian Suqing said with a smile:

'I didn't expect to see you again so soon. It seems that you have a lot of good things.'

'no, No.'

Jiang Chen waved his hand and explained:

'this time I was just lucky. I bought a few raw stones casually when I went to Pingzhou two days ago. Unexpectedly, I cut out jadeite. I specifically asked sister Qian to help me look at it.'

'yes, the gambling stone is a test of eyesight and experience. I didn't expect you to open the jade at once. Your luck is really good.'

Qian Suqing didn't mean to delve into it, so he believed what Jiang Chen said.

'I've been very lucky these days.'

Jiang Chen said, and after talking to Qian Suqing for two more words, he took out a piece of jadeite from his handbag and put it on the table.

this jade is the smallest and cheapest of the three pieces he bought.

'please Mr. Wang.'

Wang Donglin didn't say anything, just nodded, picked up the jadeite and began the identification work.

after looking back and forth for more than 20 minutes, Wang Donglin nods at Qian su.

then the two discussed in a low voice.

after listening to this, Qian Suqing said to Jiang Chen with a little surprise:

'you can make such good jadeite by buying any raw stone when you travel. Even I envy your luck.'

'sister Qian joked. It was just a coincidence.'

Jiang Chen attributes everything to luck, and then returns to the theme:

'do you take this jade?'

'of course, such high-quality jadeite is rare now.'

Qian Suqing didn't mean to pit Jiang Chen. After pondering for a while, he said:

'12.8 million. What do you think of this price?'

Jiang Chen bowed his head and looked thoughtful. He was a little surprised. He didn't expect that the price of this high-grade jade would be so different between the two eras.

the price offered by Qian Suqing is far above his initial estimate.

with more than 10 million yuan, it seems that he doesn't need to take out the two Jadeites left. This money is enough for him.

although he was satisfied with the price, Jiang Chen still talked to Qian Suqing about the price.

finally, the price was set at 13.2 million.

after the transaction was completed, Qian Suqing reached out and shook Jiang Chen's hand, saying:

'if you have anything good next time, please call me.'

Jiang Chen pretends not to understand the profound meaning of Qian Suqing's words and nods:

'of course, sister Qian, I will never forget your care.'

after the remittance, Jiang Chen exchanged greetings with Qian Suqing, and then left.

walking out of the door of the jewelry store, Jiang Chen stood in the street, his mouth slightly curved:

'from now on, I will be a Multi Millionaire.'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Salesmen beyond the heavens] online and go to the source website for reading.