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Chapter 69 Pretext

With tens of millions of wealth, Jiang Chen was not as excited as he expected, but seemed calm.

Jiang Chen still remembers the mood when he once made the first 100000 yuan. It seems that he was more excited at that time than now.

I think of the jadeite and gold stored in my personal space, as well as the priceless heart of the ocean. Compared with that, this ten million seems not very impressive.

Jiang Chen felt that she was drifting more and more, and she didn't pay attention to her wealth of 10 million yuan.

for him who used to be, one million is already his unreachable dream.

'how should I spend this money?'

Jiang Chen thinks.

two days later.

Yunzhou City, industrial zone.

in a garment factory, the machines are roaring and the environment is noisy.

a group of women workers are sitting behind the sewing machine to sew clothes, one of them looking attentive and moving quickly.

because they are paid by piece, and earn more if they do more, everyone is rushing for time, thinking of making more clothes and making more money.

Liao Rong is 50 years old this year. She is the eldest sister among many young female workers.

'it's already half past eleven. Let's go and have dinner.'

'sister Rong, let's go.'

at lunch time, everyone gets up and goes to the canteen. Liao Rong also gets up after packing up.

as soon as she stood up, she felt a throbbing pain in her back.

Liao Rong is used to this. She shakes hands with empty fists and gently taps on the back of her waist to ease the pain.

I went downstairs to the packing area of the factory and saw my husband Jiang Fengzheng chatting with a young man.

looking at the young man's back, Liao Rong was shocked and happy. She hurried forward and asked:

'when did you come here, Xiao Chen? Why didn't you say anything?'


Jiang Chen called out and said:

'I've just arrived, too. Come and see you.

you're hungry. Let's go out to dinner first.'

Liao Rong and Jiang Feng never eat out in restaurants, because the price of food in the restaurant is more expensive than that in the factory canteen. But today, when their son came, they also had a luxury.

the three of them went to a restaurant outside the factory, ordered some dishes and sat down. Liao Rong asked:

'how is the business in your shop recently?'

after Jiang Chen's Malatang shop closed down, he didn't tell his parents the news.

it seems that young people who go out just want to share their happiness with their parents. As for those difficulties and pains, they leave them to themselves.

but this time, Jiang Chen didn't hide any more. To be honest,

'that shop has closed down and lost some money.'

Liao Rong couldn't help being anxious when she heard this:

'why don't you tell us something so big, this child?'

Jiang Feng patted her hand, motioned her not to get excited, and then said to Jiang Chen:

'are you short of money now? How much do you need? Your mother and I have saved some money in the past two years.'

'don't worry, I'm not short of money now, and I'm not asking for money this time.'

Jiang Chen comforted him and then brought up another topic:

'Mom and Dad, I remember you said you wanted to open a grocery store in your hometown, didn't you?'

although Jiang Feng does not understand why Jiang Chen talked about this, However, he nodded:

'yes, now your mother and I are old and can't work for a few years. If we can have a shop, we can make money in the future.

but you also know how exaggerated the house price is in my hometown. A house with a better location needs at least one or two million yuan. Where can we afford it.

if we rent a shop, it's expensive, and the money we earn is better than working in the factory.'

Jiang Chen nodded, took out a house purchase contract from the bag beside him and handed it over:

'this is a landing house I bought in my hometown. It's just beside the White Deer square. You can open a shop on the first floor and a house upstairs. You can go back and open a small shop.'

Jiang Chen and his family are not in Yunzhou, but in a county under Yunzhou city.

because the time is too short, Jiang Chen has not been able to get the property ownership certificate.

Jiang Chen and Liao Rong were both bewildered by Jiang Chen's action. They looked at the purchase contract and the shocking transaction amount above: 1.68 million yuan. They didn't respond after half a sound.

Jiang Feng asked strangely:

'Xiao Chen, are you kidding us? Where did you get so much money? Did your spicy hot shop make so much money? Eh, no, you said your shop closed down?'

Liao Rong is also confused:

'yes, Xiao Chen, what's going on?'

'don't worry, I hear you speak slowly.'

Jiang Feng and Liao Rong stop talking and look at Jiang Chen seriously, waiting for his explanation.

according to the abdominal draft prepared in advance by Jiang Chen, Slowly said:

'more than three months ago, my shop closed down, and then I didn't know what to do, so I continued to go back to deliver takeout. Until a dozen days ago, I suddenly had a dream about my grandfather, who said he would help me.

said that there was a broken box in the old house on the mountain, and there was some gold in it. After selling the gold, I could change some money, and then I could go to a store in Pingzhou to buy some stones.'

Jiang Chen paused for a moment. Seeing that her parents listened attentively, it seemed that she did not doubt the truth of her words at all. She could not help but feel certain.

father and mother Jiang have always been superstitious, which is also the reason why he talks about this reason.

if Jiang Chen says that he won the prize in shit luck, they may not believe it, but if it is said that the deceased grandfather dreams, and then wins the prize, they will not doubt it.

father and mother Jiang have also experienced or heard of some inexplicable things since they were small. Therefore, they have always been in awe of these mysterious fields of gods, ghosts and ghosts.

Jiang Chen continued:

'I didn't take it seriously at first, but I thought I hadn't gone back for a long time, so I went back to the old house. I didn't think I really found gold jewelry. After selling the gold, I collected some money. I went to Pingzhou a few days ago to buy the original jadeite stone, and then cut out an jadeite, which sold more than 10 million yuan.'

after listening to Jiang Chen's words, Liao Rong first looked around vigilantly. When she saw that no one in the hotel noticed them, she relaxed a little. Then she lowered her voice and asked in disbelief:

'how much do you say? Ten million? What stones are so valuable?'

Jiang Chen nodded:

'more than 10 million yuan.'

then explained the gambling stone briefly.

Liao Rong grabbed Jiang Feng's arm and turned red with excitement. She opened her mouth but could not speak.

Jiang Feng also has a dreamlike feeling. Originally, he worked in a factory and earned thousands of yuan every month. His biggest dream is to buy a house in his hometown, so that his son can marry.

unexpectedly, suddenly my son came over and said that he had 10 million yuan. This kind of thing is outrageous and I dare not dream about it.

after a half sound of silence, he said to Jiang Chen with great emotion:

'your grandfather has loved you since you were a child. It must be because he saw that you had worked too hard that he gave you a dream.'

Jiang Chen nodded silently. His grandfather treated him very well when he was young. Unfortunately, his grandfather died before he grew up. The old man has worked hard all his life and never enjoyed a few days of pure happiness.

he doesn't want his parents to be like his grandfather, so after having a large amount of money, he plans to settle his parents down first.

you can't be rich by yourself. You can't spend money and wine outside, and then let your parents work in the factory without telling your parents. Jiang Chen can't do this.

the three did not speak for a while.

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