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Chapter 83 Good sister

When the atmosphere gradually became warm, chen fan took the opportunity to order a love song that was sung by men and women, and invited Zhang Tingting to sing it together.

Zhang Tingting hesitated for a moment before taking over the microphone and singing with Chen fan.

while the two were singing, Huang Yalin sat down beside Jiang Chen, took out her mobile phone and said to Jiang Chen very naturally:

'Jiang Chen, let's add a contact information, and we can play together when we have time later.'


Jiang Chen naturally won't wriggle. He took out his mobile phone and exchanged numbers with the other party, adding wechat.

in his opinion, Huang Yalin has a good figure, good appearance, good speech, and is knowledgeable and interesting. She is undoubtedly a good sister who is considerate and worthy of deep friendship.

easily got Jiang Chen's contact information, and Huang Yalin was slightly happy.

since she started her internship and job search, she has deeply realized the complexity and cruelty of society, which is completely different from the university campus.

her academic performance is average, her personal resume is ordinary, and she has few honors and skills that can be taken. Although she can easily find a job by virtue of her appearance and figure, she mostly works in front desk, sales and public relations. It is not easy to find a job with development prospects and good welfare.

accustomed to the prosperity of Tianhai City, she doesn't want to return to the third tier city of her hometown. She wants to stay in this big city.

Huang Yalin knows that her family is ordinary, and her parents are just ordinary workers. It can be said that she is wishful thinking to stay in Tianhai city with her own ability.

so she made up her mind to find someone who could buy a house in Tianhai city. Jiang Chen's situation met her requirements, and she naturally wanted to fight for it.

the four sang until 10 p.m. before leaving the KTV.

Chen Fan took out his mobile phone and said to the two girls:

'I'll ask for a car and take you back first.'

Huang Yalin was about to speak when Jiang Chen suddenly cut in:

'no, I'll drive you.'

Chen Fan was stunned: 'did you buy a car?'

Jiang Chen: 'just bought it.'

Chen Fan's reaction is that Jiang Chen is no longer what he used to be. He is a local tyrant and fully capable of buying a car.

'let's go to the parking lot.'

Jiang Chen said that he entered the elevator with the three people and came to the parking lot on the basement floor.

after finding his car, he pressed the car key and the lights flashed twice.

Jiang Chen: 'get on the bus.'

Huang Yalin looked at the Audi logo and the brand-new painted car, and saw that it was a new car. Her eyes flashed, and her last suspicion of Jiang Chen's wealth also dissipated.

Chen Fan touched the car, secretly envious: I don't know when I can afford such a car.

then joked:

'boss Jiang, why didn't you buy a sports car? With your current financial resources, you should be able to afford a sports car?'

'there's no need. The sports car looks windy, but it's actually uncomfortable to drive.'

Jiang Chen said casually.

before, in the world of Northern Ireland, he tried to drive Xiaoyu's sports car, and he felt that way, not as comfortable as a sedan.

Huang Yalin was deeply impressed by this:

'yes, sports cars are generally used by the second generation of rich people to flirt with handsome women. In my opinion, it's better to buy a house with that money.'

as she spoke, she casually asked:

'boss Jiang, do you have any plans to buy a house? A classmate in our class is selling real estate. If you want to buy a house, she can give you a discount.'

Jiang Chen: 'OK, I do have this plan. Please give me her contact information at that time.'

seeing that Jiang Chen had plans to buy a house, Huang Yalin's eyes flashed a smile and she hurriedly said:

'I'll send you her number right now.'

said that, she opened the door of the co pilot, sat in, and then said to Chen Fan with a smile:

'you and Tingting can sit in the back row, OK.'

Chen Fan naturally has no opinion on this.

after Jiang Chen got into the car, he took a look at Huang Yalin, the co pilot, and found that after she sat down, the hem of her short skirt was lifted up a little, revealing a section of white thigh skin, delicate and smooth.

it has to be said that Huang Yalin's legs are beautiful, thin and long, and white.

Huang Yalin noticed Jiang Chen's line of sight, the corner of her mouth slightly tilted, and she was just pretending to play with her mobile phone.

twenty minutes later, the car stopped at the gate of a community.

after Huang Yalin and Zhang Tingting got off the bus, they waved goodbye to Jiang Chen:

'please, boss Jiang, goodbye!'


Jiang Chen steps on the accelerator, the car starts and disappears into the night.

when Zhang Tingting saw Huang Yalin standing there watching the car go away, she suddenly opened her mouth and said:

'Yalin, you're very enthusiastic about Jiang Chen. Don't you like him?'

Huang Yalin did not hide it and said frankly:

'I think he is very good, handsome and rich. He has not yet become rich. He is arrogant and arrogant. It's OK to touch him.'

'but he just graduated from high school. Don't you worry about the generation gap?'

Zhang Tingting doesn't look down upon people with low education, but tells a very real problem.

some of her classmates went to work after graduating from high school and even junior high school. When they met and chatted later, they found that their concepts and ideas were very different and it was difficult to talk together.

Huang Yalin didn't think it was a problem at all, and said casually:

'what generation gap can there be between my peers? I feel like I have been in College for four years, and I haven't learned much.'

Zhang Tingting said helplessly:

'I am worried that you are really together, and there is no common topic.'

Huang Yalin takes Zhang Tingting's hand and walks to the community, She said:

'Tingting, you know, the most important thing in this society is college students. 3000 yuan can't recruit a famous peasant worker, but it can recruit a lot of college students.

what can we do even if we graduate from college? After working hard all our life, we can't afford a flat in Tianhai.

but Jiang Chen can buy a house at any time now, and easily have something that others have worked for all their lives.'

paused, Huang Yalin continued:

'as for the common topic you mentioned, there is no need to worry.

as long as you have money, you can enjoy life, travel around the world, increase your knowledge, and experience the really beautiful side of the world. Ordinary people can only be trapped by the trivia of life and daily necessities.

Haven't you noticed that since we started our internship, we have no energy to learn and improve ourselves at all, either at work or playing mobile phone dramas every day.

therefore, I should be the one who should worry about having no topic. '

Zhang Tingting was thoughtful when she heard this.

Huang Yalin continued:

' do you remember my best friend Dong Li I told you before?

she made a boyfriend who graduated from high school. Her family was demolished. Now Dong Li doesn't know how comfortable she is. She always buys designer clothes and bags and travels around on weekends. I don't care if my job doesn't go well and I quit whenever I want. '

speaking of Dong Li, Huang Yalin's tone implies envy.

it's clear that the other party's figure and appearance are not as good as hers. Why does she live better than her? It's not because she has found a rich boyfriend.

the more well connected she is, the less she wants to be compared by the other party.

Zhang Tingting silently listens to Huang Yalin's words. She thinks what she says is reasonable, but her ideas are too extreme.

She sighed in her heart: Huang Yalin was not like this in the past.

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