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Chapter 86 drawbridging effect

More than half an hour later, the car stopped at the roadside.

Jiang Chen and Huang Yalin entered Jiangnan University.

walking in the campus, surrounded by a large number of students, full of youthful energy and vigor, Jiang Chen felt that his mentality was much younger.

Jiangnan University has a long history and pleasant scenery. There is a small lake in the University. The lake is surrounded by green shade and verdant trees. There is a white stone bridge on the lake.

the two walk to the stone bridge, holding the handrail and looking at the green lake. On the lawn not far away, a couple sit on the lawn eating snacks, laughing from time to time.

Huang Yalin suddenly sighed softly and said:

'it's unexpected that four years of University have passed so quickly.'

Jiang Chen has been working as a part-time worker for several years. She only feels that the time is long and difficult. She has no feelings about this. She casually asked:

'I heard Zhou Mingrui say that you are still single. Why didn't you find a boyfriend in college?'

Huang Yalin:

'at first, when I first entered the University, my family was very strict and I didn't dare to make a boyfriend.

later, I was busy studying, participating in community activities, watching plays and movies, and I didn't have this idea.

I also tried to learn to shoot short videos, and wanted to be an up host or an Internet celebrity. As a result, I was busy for two semesters without any results.'

Jiang Chen didn't expect Huang Yalin to have such an experience, and asked curiously:

'what type of short video did you shoot? Funny, technical or sexy?'

Huang Yalin and Jiang Chen shared their experiences:

'at the beginning, I wanted to take the beauty line, but I found that this line was too voluminous. Although I looked good, people's make-up skills were superb, and with the effect of beauty, I couldn't beat all the beauties in the video...'

she described the embarrassing and funny things she encountered when shooting the video, which made Jiang Chen's impression of her more three-dimensional, The relationship between the two sides has also been much closer.

the two walked around the campus for more than an hour before leaving.

after leaving the campus, Huang Yalin suddenly said:

'I used to be a member of the school roller skating club. I haven't skated for a long time. There is an ice skating rink nearby. Boss Jiang, can you accompany me to play?'

Jiang Chen didn't refuse, but said:

'I haven't played roller skating. I'm afraid you have to teach me.'

Huang Yalin smiled happily and said: 'don't worry, I'm sure I can teach and learn.'

then took Jiang Chen for several hundred meters and came to an ice skating rink.

after entering the door, Huang Yalin paid the money in advance to show that she was treating herself.

after changing her shoes and entering the venue, Huang Yalin naturally took Jiang Chen's hand and said:

'hold the railing with one hand, and I will teach you slowly.'

Jiang Chen held her hand, only feeling soft and tender, with long and thin fingers, which made her feel excellent.

Huang Yalin doesn't seem to care about holding hands at all. She earnestly teaches Jiang Chen roller skating skills and points out his movements:

'come on, separate your legs, bend your knees slightly, sink your weight, and then slowly apply force under your feet...'

Jiang Chen looks at her seriously, and somehow thinks of * * and Mr. Bodo. She always feels that she looks particularly provocative and amorous when teaching people.

if you tie up your hair again and put on your round eyes, it will taste like tut...

Jiang Chen absentmindedly slides forward slowly according to her instructions.

at first, Jiang Chen's body would shake twice, but soon he mastered the skill and could slide forward smoothly.

as a leg master, Jiang Chen's balance ability is far superior to ordinary people. His legs are more flexible than ordinary people's hands, and he naturally learns roller skating very quickly.

seeing that Jiang Chen could slide forward slowly after only a few attempts, Huang Yalin was not surprised, and then said angrily:

'have you really never played before? Are you trying to deceive me?'

said that, and I was ready to let go.

Jiang Chen grabbed her hand and said nervously:

'no, if you want to let go, I'll definitely wrestle. I'm really a beginner. Maybe it's because my balance ability is better, so I'm learning faster.'

'you can't lie to me.'

Huang Yalin issued a warning without deterrence, continued to hold Jiang Chen's hand, and took him to slide forward slowly.

after about a few minutes, seeing Jiang Chen's movements becoming more and more proficient, Huang Yalin said:

'well, you don't need the handrail now. Let me take you into the field to skate.'

Jiang Chen: 'OK.'

while talking, Huang Yalin holds Jiang Chen's hand and slowly speeds up to slide around the field.

the wheels are rolling rapidly, and the two figures are moving on the ground. The speed is getting faster and faster, and gradually you can feel the strong wind coming.

in this high-speed movement, people's spirit will be subconsciously tense, and their heartbeat will involuntarily accelerate.

Huang Yalin knows the 'suspension bridge effect': when a person crosses a suspension bridge, he will feel a thrilling feeling because of nervousness and fear. At this time, if he meets a different sex, he will mistakenly think that it is that opposite sex that makes him feel excited, so that he will have love for it.

she brought Jiang Chen to the ice rink not only to hold hands and bring closer relations, but also to apply the suspension bridge effect.

in the venue, there are many couples sliding hand in hand, and some adults with children.

'be careful, don't bump into people.'

Huang Yalin reminds me that she took Jiang Chen to avoid a child coming at a high speed.

the thrill of almost bumping into others is really easy to make people feel thrilling. Unfortunately, for Jiang Chen, this is only a small scene.

it is difficult to make him have strong psychological fluctuations.

their current sliding speed seems to be very fast, but it is not as fast as Jiang Chen's speed when he exercises lightness skills and runs with all his strength, so Jiang Chen's heart does not fluctuate.

Huang Yalin needs to take Jiang Chen to slide and control the direction, which is very exhausting. Before long, there is a little sweat on her forehead.

Jiang Chen immediately said:

'I think you are tired, too. Let's stop here today. Let's find a place to rest.'


Huang Yalin understood that excess is better than deficiency. After stopping, she naturally released her hand.

after they left the ice rink, they found a milk tea shop nearby and sat down for a rest.

Huang Yalin asked: 'have you contacted Lele these two days?'

this Lele is the classmate she recommended for real estate sales.

Jiang Chen nodded:

'yes, after a few conversations, she recommended several houses for me. I plan to see the house again in a few days.'

Huang Yalin: 'the house price in Tianhai is not cheap now, is it?'

Jiang Chen nodded: 'after all, it's a first-line city. Of course, it's expensive. Houses in several central areas should be 50-60 million square meters, and those on the side should also be 30-40 million square meters.'

'have you figured out where to buy?'

'coastal area.'

Binhai District is the central city of Tianhai City, with excellent scenery and environment.

Huang Yalin said with a smile: 'when you bought a house, remember to treat yourself to dinner.'

'don't worry, I will definitely call you then.'

Jiang Chen felt that it was always pleasant to chat with Huang Yalin, and he didn't have to be careful of the cold and embarrassment. He thought to himself: is this the legendary good sister who is considerate?

after the five-day break, Jiang Chen received a new order.

[zhe Pu in one piece wants enough food to eat for a month, please prepare it as soon as possible.]

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