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Chapter 202 Untitled

Qin Shuming knew that she was intentional and was not angry. She got up and said, 'I'll deal with it and see if your brother is back.'

now she just wants to sign the agreement and leave.

'go quickly. It will be difficult to deal with the dyed clothes later.' Chu Yunxi seemed to be concerned, but in fact she longed for her to leave quickly to make room for herself and Lu Xi.

Qin Shu just got up and went to the bathroom.

Lu Xi stands up with a packet of paper towels.

Chu Yunxi looked as if he was going to follow him. He was stunned and hurried to shout: 'Lu Xi, it's just a little juice. She can handle it!'

Lu Xi glanced at her discontentedly. 'She's your sister-in-law. It's a bit too much for you to do this deliberately.'

as a film actor, he can certainly see through his poor acting skills at a glance.

finished and followed him out.

Chu Yunxi was sitting on the sofa. She was embarrassed and worried when she was seen through her small thoughts, which made her feel bad.

suddenly, she saw Lu Xi's mobile phone on her desk, and a message came.

remember that the website ET

was sent by her brother.

Chu Yunxi casually opened it.

[Lu Xi and Yi Lin are not feeling well. I'll take her back. My sister and Qin Shu will trouble you.]

seeing her brother's words, Chu Yunxi couldn't help thinking: Wang Yilin still has the ability to let her brother personally take her home.

however, it is also because her brother cares about Wang Yilin.

but Lu Xi..

Chu Yunxi smiled bitterly and quit the SMS interface.

looking at this mobile phone belonging to Lu Xi, she suddenly has a strong desire to spy.

who doesn't want to know more about the people he likes.

Chu Yunxi was moved by this idea and involuntarily opened his mobile phone photo album.

she knows that Lu Xi likes to take photos, and photos can reflect a person's life.

in the classified albums, there are plants, delicious food and cute pets. There are thousands of photos in these three albums.

indicates that he really yearns for warmth.

Chu Yunxi's eyes fell on that person's photo album, and there was only one.

after clicking, her expression changed.

the only person Photo stored in Lu Xi's mobile phone is not his own selfie, but Qin Shu's photo!


Qin Shu meets Chu Linchen and Wang Yilin at the door of the bathroom.

Wang Yilin covers her stomach and looks uncomfortable.

after learning that Chu Linchen was going to send her back, Qin Shu didn't think there was any problem. He just thought about the purpose of his trip and said, 'wait a minute. I've brought the divorce agreement. You sign it before you leave.'

Chu Linchen's face turned black at this.

seeing Qin Shu turn around to get the agreement in the box, he grabbed her hand and said, 'is it appropriate to sign this agreement in such a place? I'll talk about it when I get home.'

after that, Qin Shu was not given a chance to talk. She let go and took Wang Yilin with her.

Wang Yilin glances at Qin Shu and bends her lower lip.

Qin Shu is depressed, isn't it just about signing? There's no such trouble.

after handling the juice on her skirt in the bathroom, Qin Shu comes out and sees Lu Xi waiting outside.

'do you want a divorce?' Lu Xi asked in a low voice.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Qin Shu Chu Linshen] online and go to the source website for reading.