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Chapter 302 Untitled

Since their daughter became a star, she has always been brilliant. When did she come back like this?

Zhang Wen immediately stepped forward and asked, 'Daughter, what's wrong with you? Who bullied you?'

Wang Zhenhua also got up immediately and told the servant to take the medicine box.

Wang Yilin looked at them, but smiled. 'Mom and Dad, don't bother. I'm fine!'

Zhang Wen looked at the smile on her face and said strangely, 'Daughter, you look at how you've done this, and still smile so happily?'

'Of course I'm happy. I have good news for you!' Wang Yilin sat down on the sofa with her hands around her chest.

Under the eyes of Wang Zhenhua and Zhang Wen, she proudly said, 'Chu Shao has decided to get engaged to me!'

The couple listened and looked at each other.

'Engagement? Isn't it marriage?' Zhang Wen asked.

'Yes, how can a good marriage turn into an engagement? You are still happy to be like this, my daughter?' Wang Zhenhua said anxiously.

Wang Yilin clenched her lips and said, 'You don't understand. Chu Shao said that he would give me an unprecedented grand wedding, which naturally needs to be well prepared. But he has just taken over the Chu family, and his affairs are busy, so he can't spare the energy to marry me for a while.'

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'Of course, I want to be Mrs. Chu right away, but I can't be too anxious about this kind of thing, otherwise I will be looked down upon as eager to join the Chu family. Chu Shaoxian's engagement to me is an admission of my identity. I will marry into the Chu family sooner or later!'

Wang Zhenhua listened to her, but his eyebrows were still frowning. He always felt that the sooner the marriage was, the better. He was always afraid of unexpected events.

Zhang Wen stood on Wang Yilin's side and nodded repeatedly, 'My daughter is so considerate. We can't be too anxious. We got engaged first and became Chu Shao's fiancee. This marriage is a matter of certainty. It's OK!'

Wang Yilin smiled and got up

'OK, let me and your father do it!'

'Then I'll go upstairs and take a bath.' Then she walked upstairs.

The engagement was arranged, and Wang Yilin gradually calmed down.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she was so embarrassed that her teeth itched when she thought that so many people were watching jokes and watching Tang Xiaoru chasing her around the room.

This is because Qin Shu is playing tricks behind her back.

When she talked to Lin Mengfan, Qin Shu must be outside the door, and she also recorded their conversations.

This scheming girl!

Wang Yilin was thinking, and the phone rang.

She looked at the note, and then took it up.

'Qin Shu, you are so powerful. Even Tang Xiaoru, who hates you so much, is willing to jump into the hole you dug.'

'Dig a hole?' Qin Shu on the other end of the phone chuckled, 'Are you talking about that recording?'

Wang Yilin didn't expect that she would be so direct. She simply didn't hide it and said, 'Yes, as you heard, it was I who cooperated with Lin Mengfan to make him claim that the child in your belly was his.'

Qin Shu's face did not fluctuate, and he said two words: 'Why?'

'There is no reason, I just want to do so.' Wang Yilin sneered.

'Impossible. I understand you. You will not do anything that is not beneficial or meaningful.' Qin Shu said insightfully.

She knows Wang Yilin very well, especially after the break, she has a thorough understanding of what kind of person she is.

'If you don't say anything, I will send the recording directly to Chu Linchen. You should be very nice, gentle and kind in front of Chu Linchen, right? If he hears what you say, will it damage your perfect image?'

Wang Yilin's face changed and she held the phone in her hand. She really hated Qin Shu.

How dare you threaten her with a recording!

Chu Shaocai has just said that he will be engaged to her. At this juncture, Qin Shu must not destroy him!

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Qin Shu Chu Linshen] online and go to the source website for reading.