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Chapter 116 Spring Festival is none of your business

'Woo Hoo'

bursts of warm cheers as if determined to turn the sky upside down came from the large screen on the wall. I don't know what technology was used. The sound was three-dimensional and real, surrounding every listener, making people feel as if they were in the crowd of crazy celebrations.

the huge colored flowers on the screen one after another burst out in the dark blue sky, flashing a dazzling light. All kinds of colorful lights and shadows are alternately cast on the pale faces in front of the screen, shaking endlessly between the light and the dark.

Lin Sanjiu sits on a high chair. Her body is straight and can't move because a black leather rope has firmly fixed her body to the back of the chair. At her side, the ten or so women who had been sent were also sitting in the same posture. Although everyone's mouth plugs had been taken out, no one spoke.

'Hello, fellow citizens of Eden!'

a petite and sweet female anchor appeared. She was wearing a white tights, her red lips were open, and she smiled: 'it's time for the new year's festival again. When the new year comes, everyone will be particularly excited!'

'of course!' The male host, who stepped into the camera from the other side, said with lines that he had obviously memorized: 'in addition to food and fireworks, visiting relatives and friends, the highlight of our garden of Eden, which lasted for one month, is coming soon!'

'this year's grand event, we have the honor to invite well-known experts from Eden to explain and comment for us...'

compared with the lively festivities on the screen, the room is quiet, only the rustle of people's clothes at work.

at this time, after a brush dipped with powder brushed Lin Sanjiu's cheek for several times, a young female voice said: 'look up.'

Lin San Jiu glanced at the makeup artist nearby, but did not move.

'it's true. If you have a temper, keep it until it's too late!' The young woman with short hair at her ears was very unhappy, but she had no choice but to use her hands, which were wearing a pair of rubber gloves, to reluctantly erase the floating powder on her current pattern.

at this time, standing behind Lin Sanjiu, another beautician who has been editing her hair said: '... I heard that this character is stubborn. Don't waste time with her. Yo, this is not the one who was popular in the last competition.'

'ah, I like him very much. I want to have a look.' The makeup artist looks back at the screen and the brush stops.

'look while you make up. Don't waste the time.' When the beautician spoke, the long hair in her hand was still flying. Lin Sanjiu's short hair had been added and woven by her, and half of it had become fluffy, slightly curly and waist length hair.

what they talked about was a strong and wild man. He only wore a strange triangular cloth all over his body, revealing his developed muscles and grinning at the camera.

when she was wondering, Lin Sanjiu suddenly caught a slight 'click' sound in her ear. She looked back and found that it was the girl with white skin and black hair. Her eyes were fixed on the screen and her teeth were fighting uncontrollably.

does she know this person? Lin Sanjiu looked at her face, which had quickly faded, and secretly guessed that she was still very confused about her current situation until now.

... She never thought that she would be sent to the glass ball city.

it was yesterday morning when they were packed in large capsules and sent all the way to the glass wall. Lin Sanjiu thought that the glass ball city was probably isolated from the world, but he didn't realize he was wrong until he got close to it.

it can be seen through the glass that the area welcoming the large capsule is obviously different.

there is no pedestrian in a wide area, only a small isolation area surrounded by heavy lead radiation protection covers. A group of people who were all wrapped in radiation protection clothing did not even reveal a trace of their skin. Their eyes were hidden behind the hood, and they looked at the capsules sent in one by one without expression.

as soon as the capsules contaminated with external radiation entered the isolation area, they were immediately targeted by the faucets. A large amount of transparent liquid emitting white smoke was shot out from the faucets, and the capsules were washed up and down. Only then did the radiation protection clothing go forward and drag the women out. Then, the women were treated the same way.

Lin San's wine, which had been poured in and out of the cold water, was much more comfortable. She was inside the glass ball city, and was washed by an unknown liquid. She could feel the impact of radiation immediately reduced. Her body was like a long drought and a sweet rain. She breathed and came alive again.

her physical strength and strength gradually recovered, but she did not take any rash action. On the one hand, she also wants to see the glass globe city and what she plans to do with these women.

after doing a good job of radiation cleaning, the women were pushed back into the capsule, and were still sent to the room with a huge screen as before. Then teams of makeup artists and beauticians filed in, spreading out rows of strange beauty tools and working on women.

during this period, some people pleaded hard and some tried to resist - but the rope on their bodies was a special object, which limited their strength. Not to mention, the sand whale and his party were still following behind a group of soldiers and were closely monitoring the women's every move.

a full-bodied woman struggled and fell to the ground with her chair. Then the soldier who rushed up pressed an electric baton on her stomach. This was by no means a small power baton used by Lin San Jiu. After the woman convulsed violently for a while, the room was filled with a stench of incontinence.

after she was dragged away, the remaining nine people were silent.

what do these people want to do with themselves?

this problem is in the heart of every woman. As their make-up becomes more and more refined, their hair becomes more and more shiny and beautiful, and they become more and more dense like dark clouds.

the light on the screen jumps on everyone's face. Another skinny man is squinting his eyes and saying: '... Therefore, I think the performance of the contestants at the moment when we know the contents of the competition is worthy of attention and Analysis...'

the sensual female anchor immediately smiled: 'this view seems to be very popular recently. I will also refer to what Mr. Fang said when I bet this time...'

what is the content of the competition? Do the contestants mean us? Lin San Jiu's heart was just lifted up when the door was suddenly opened. An anxious voice shouted, 'it's your turn to serve in 15 minutes. Hurry up and get ready!'

the shouting man has thick makeup on his face, and his foundation make-up is light pink. If he did not open his mouth and speak, he could hardly distinguish between men and women.

he glanced at the room and cursed: 'hurry up!' Then he hit the door.

the people in the room were a little worried. The woman who made up for Lin San Jiu hurriedly drew her eyes and closed her hands. The beautician looked at her up and down for a while, and then made her hair. Then he turned to his colleague and said unhappily, 'how did she draw like this...'

the makeup artist rolled his eyes and said, 'she looks like this. I can't help it.'

'but I'm afraid her style won't be popular...'

'well, what does that have to do with me?' The makeup artist smiled and put up his things and went out. 'No matter how much money I put on her, I won't give it to me -- oh, this bandage should be torn off.'

Lin Sanjiu just realized that 'she is really a contestant'. Then, the makeup artist's hand reached out to her.

under the bandage is the Pygmalion's collar. She can't let it be exposed under any circumstances - Lin San Jiu tried his best to turn his head, avoided her hand, and turned his eyelids to look at her coldly.

the two of them froze for a long time, and Lin Sanjiu said lightly: 'I'm hurt. It's not good to pull the bandage off.'

the other party rolled his eyes and ignored her. At this time, the rest of the people were almost finished. Just as a group of makeup artists were about to go out, the man with a pink face just now suddenly rushed in and waved hard behind him: 'hurry up, come in and give them a shot!'

a team of dozens of small-scale video cameras swaying in the air suddenly flew into the room from the top of the makeup artists, followed by two men who lowered their heads to manipulate the instruments, as if they were controlling the camera.

every woman was immediately surrounded by three or four cameras.

just when the faces of the people were startled, the voice of the female anchor came out from the big screen in the room: '... After listening to the opinions before the competition, the next step was to introduce the contestants. After all, most of the contestants have already appeared this time. Compared with yesterday, the number of contestants to meet with you today is not large. It is said that there are only nine in total - outside, are you ready?'

nine digits? What happened to the plump woman dragged out?

Lin Sanjiu's idea was immediately interrupted - his smile was full on the man's pink face. Standing in front of a small camera, he shouted: 'the players are all in place!'

... Then, a pale, familiar face appeared on the big screen.

she was stunned. She looked at the screen and then at the dark haired girl who was crying all the time.

Yes, the person is still that person - if there is any difference, it is probably the change caused by the makeup on her face.

obviously, the makeup artist of the brunette girl grasped her charm, painted her face like snow, and there was no blood on her cheeks, while a circle of pale red was deliberately swept on her eyes and nose tip. The black eyelashes were pressed down and hung at the end of her eyes, reflecting the tears in her eyes, which made her look like a frightened bird.

'this is our No. 92 player. It's really delightful!' The voice of the pink faced man sounded from the room and the screen at the same time. He approached the black haired girl, took a deep breath, smiled and asked, 'what's your name, please?'

the black haired girl's teeth are still 'clicking' and she can't answer a word.

'Oh, oh, it seems that she is very timid and her character is very pitiable!' The pink faced man didn't care, and seemed to be used to it. He waved his hand: 'let's see what the audience in the bullet screen area said!'

as soon as his action fell, the screen was immediately divided into several pieces -- the female anchor and the pink face each occupied a small corner above and below. The middle part was the head of the black haired girl. At this time, on her head portrait, countless subtitles have been scrolled madly --

ah, what's cute is the type I like

I can't say a word. Are we so terrible

it's not easy to call her Kaka if you don't know her name 233

is it because her teeth are fighting 233

Lin Sanjiu stared at the screen, staring at the screen, unable to speak for a long time.

after a few seconds, her attention was drawn back by the deliberately raised voice of her pink face - 'ah, player 92, what are you talking about? Speak louder so that the audience can hear you.'

a trembling voice came out from the big screen: 'I, I have a name... My name is Hui Chuyan.'

as the tears and voice of the brunette girl fell down, the dense words covered the screen again:

it's really heartbreaking to match the name

I've bet

I really want to spend the night with her

the pink face seems to be very satisfied with the reaction of the audience. She walks away from Hui Chuyan and walks to another woman with short brown hair. A small camera immediately rose and shot down from directly above her. Naturally, a pair of her especially plump breasts appeared on the screen. Compared with Hui Chuyan, the words were sparse, but the response was also warm.

since each person only allocated one or two minutes, five people passed quickly - it has to be said that the makeup artists have a good foundation. Although the women are all stiff and suspicious, some are charming, some are sexy, some are pure, and they are all very attractive.

after introducing No. 96, the pink face turned to Lin Sanjiao. Everything was changed to the camera picture of Lin Sanjiao.

the barrage area, which had been shouting 'look at the next one, don't look at the pink mother cannon', suddenly became quiet.

at this time, in the whole garden of Eden under the glass cover, almost everyone's eyes are cast on a large or small screen. When the image of Lin San Jiu appeared, somehow, it seemed that a bucket of cold water was suddenly poured on it. The excitement and excitement just now faded.

on her honey colored skin, there is not a grain of fear.

at a glance, no one could notice her long hair and her red lips. On the contrary, the sharp cold light in her eyes seemed to hurt anyone who dared to sit in front of the screen. It made people feel that what they saw was not just a woman, but something behind the feminine appearance, like an ancient giant animal sitting majestically in the world.

in the spring fighting competition in the garden of Eden, which lasted for 27 years, never had a female player raised her chin so high when she first appeared.

after a long time, several bullet screens appeared.

what's the matter? Let's move to the next one. She feels so stressed

... I feel uncomfortable seeing such a great woman

I don't want to see her compete at all

four or five bullet screens rolled over and even the room was quiet. Probably to keep the atmosphere cool, the pink face asked with a smile: 'player No. 97, what's your name?'

Lin San Jiu glanced at him with a light look.

'it's none of your business.'

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