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Chapter 117 Give the number a lesson!

'... player 97, what's your name?'

'it's none of your business.'

after the cold faced woman uttered this sentence, the camera suddenly darkened - some spectators who knew the game well put out a finger and pointed to the large screen: 'it is inevitable that there will be some disobedience every year. This is a lesson to be learned.'

a burst of 'Oh' suddenly came to light in the pub.

'No. 97 just now seems to have a lesson...' someone talked in such a low voice and breathed wine.

'Damn it, it seems that I think I'm very high up. I hate mutant people the most.' A voice somewhere echoed.

there are rows of mechanical arms hanging under the ceiling of the tavern. On the mechanical arms are smooth chutes, which are orderly delivering various wines to the guests. One hand took a glass of blue cocktail from the chute and carried it up. Instead of drinking, the owner of the hand opened his mouth to the experienced person just now: '... What is the general lesson?'

'Hey, there are many ways. It depends on the mood of the snake head who brought her in.' The speaker was a middle-aged man. He grabbed the wine bottle and took a sip. 'Wait a minute. The woman will show up again later. Then she will have to be obedient and say what she wants me to say.'

when he put down the wine bottle, the silver ring on the ring finger of his left hand lit up slightly.

the man with a blue cocktail is hidden in a robe. His eyes stopped in the middle-aged man's hand. He didn't say anything and then looked at the big screen.

as if to confirm the words of the middle-aged man, the pink faced host was grinning with his goose yellow lips: 'sorry. Player 97 was probably not ready just now and was a little nervous. Now let's let her go down and relax. Let's take a look at player 98... Ah, what a lovely little girl! How old are you?'

the man wrapped in the robe sipped a sip of wine, and listened with little interest to the girl shaking into a ball saying '14 years old'.

when the garden of Eden gave a burst of cheers for this young player, the Lin San wine at this time was as expected by the middle-aged man. The sand whale grabbed his hair. He dragged himself into another room with chairs.

the door was hit with a bang. Lin Sanjiu and the chair behind him were thrown on the ground. The sand whale looked at her. He sneered.

'do you think you are awesome?' His tone was cool, with the cruelty of some cold-blooded animal. 'Have I mentioned that? People who offend me will generally come to no good end...'

the pupil of the sand whale shrinks into a thin strip under the rage. 'If you hadn't already numbered and exposed your face, I would have cut off your hands and feet... Now, what should I do with you?'

he said. He walked up to Lin San Jiu.

however, to my surprise, the women on the ground are still not afraid.

Lin Sanjiu raised the palm tied behind the chair, bent his wrist and felt his fingertips touch the rope. She smiled at the sand whale and said, 'have you ever heard of route 300?'

he was stunned. I didn't react for a moment. However, the next second, the sand whale's eyes were almost staring out - the woman in front of him had climbed up from the ground and patted the ashes on his pants. The black rope that had been tied to her just now disappeared.

he looked at the empty ground a little foolishly and took a step back.

'looking for this?' Lin San Jiu waved a card in his hand.

that is a card with a pattern on a white background. In the middle, a black string was drawn with childish strokes. At first glance, it seemed that it was just a meaningless black string, and a few lines of small characters were written below.

'thank you for giving me a chance to get it.' She glanced at the card with satisfaction.

[binding rope for female slaves of anti evolutionist series]

Introduction: it is developed and produced by Eden lab, which can effectively curb the 'physical strengthening' ability of evolutionists and make them have the same strength as normal people. The binding rope itself is made of a special soft alloy and can bear up to two tons of tension. For the personal interest of the developer, the alloy is covered with a layer of black leather.

'no wonder, even without radiation damage, no matter how hard I struggle, the rope will not move...' Lin Sanjiu smiled. 'Sand whale, right? You should also tell me now what is going on in this race?'

the sand whale, with a gloomy face, pressed his waist first without saying a word. However, what surprised him was that when he pressed it down, he didn't even respond at all - just as he was pounding in his heart, a shadow came in front of him, and then it seemed that he was hit by a huge column in front of his chest. The sternum 'clattered' for a while, and I don't know how many pieces had been broken.

Lin San Jiu stopped his feet and calmly watched the sand whale fall to the ground with his chest and belly covered, looking unbelievable.

at the moment when she kicked him, she suddenly understood the meaning of the word 'growth type'.

sand whale has experienced many doomsday worlds. Whether it is its advanced ability or basic ability, it must have been upgraded more than once. However, under the blow of Lin San Jiu, he was hurt so much that he could not be counted as light. Why?

if the average person's physical quality in all aspects is 1, then the number will rise to 2 after gaining physical strength. Lin San's physical strength increased to 2.5.

ordinary evolutionists must upgrade their basic abilities again and again before they can change 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5... This will gradually strengthen. If the sand whale has been upgraded 4 times, it is now 5; However, Lin San Jiu is still 2.5, which should not pose a threat to the sand whale. However, she is a growth type.

while Lin San Jiu was struggling and struggling to survive in all kinds of dangerous situations, her 'physical growth' was slowly but firmly growing without upgrading. Every day, her body had some minor changes: muscles were stronger, bones were stronger, and grip strength was increased...

however, under the radiation damage, these changes were covered up until she entered the glass ball city. It was only then that Lin Sanjiu suddenly discovered that his body was completely new and full of powerful power.

of course, the sand whale does not know the reason for this. After he coughed up a mouthful of blood in shock, he saw that she was about to walk towards him. He gritted his teeth and jumped up.

Lin San Jiu said nothing. I waved my arm. A mouthpiece had been rolled horizontally, and the sharp teeth cut through the air and made a roar. It hit him in the chest instantly - however, to her surprise, the other side's chest suddenly 'bang' and burst a mass of sand, and the mouthpiece went straight through the sand.

retract the mouthpiece. The sand mass quickly turned into flesh and blood, and the sand whale was not injured at all.

'no matter what weapon you use, you can't hurt me.' Sha Jing spat, 'just now you got it, but I didn't react to it...'

the fact proved that he did not exaggerate - Lin San Jiu attacked several times in a row. No matter which part of the body was attacked, his body could always turn into dust in the previous second, making her mouth instrument return without success.

'ha ha. Is this your most decent attack?' The sand whale stared at her with a grim look. 'It's my turn, too. Stinky girl!'

before his words were finished, his two arms turned into sand and rolled like a storm, forming two sandstorms, which hit Lin San Jiu. Every grain of sand has a powerful force. If it is hit, it must be immediately knocked out of shape. But the most dangerous thing is that sandstorms are hard to hide.

with this move, the sand whale has killed an unknown number of people - they look different before they live, but after they die, they look strangely unified. They are all twisted, perforated, and bloody.

even if Eden was unhappy, he did not bother to pay attention. The angry sand whale just wants to see Lin San wine become the same thing.

Lin San Jiu was indeed in danger. Relying on her strong physical quality and speed, she changed her position several times in a row and narrowly escaped from the edge of the sandstorm. But the room was so big that she soon had no room to move.

if she was hit by the sand, she really had no chance to live - her forehead exuded cold sweat, her eyes turned in the room, and suddenly she was cruel. She pushed her foot, and instead rushed towards the direction of the sand whale.

does this mean that you want to attract sandstorms and let yourself avoid rats? The sand whale understood her intention in an instant and immediately smiled.

'ha ha, are you stupid? My hands can turn into sandstorms, and of course my body can!'

in his loud laughter, his chest and belly suddenly turned into a larger mass of sand, and he rushed at Lin San wine. This time, there was a sandstorm in front of her and behind her, which formed a double attack, which made her situation more critical.

so far, there is no suspense. Under the two sandstorms, this woman can never have any reason to survive -

'Oh, the sound in the room is loud!'

the pink faced man who has introduced the contestants outside and is waiting for Lin San wine to come out said excitedly to the people around him. At this time, the camera on the screen has returned to the studio where the female anchor is located. He is a little bored. He takes out a goose yellow lipstick to make up his makeup and says with a smile: 'I hope your eldest brother can be a little lighter this time, or it will be bad to go on TV later with blood and flesh...'

'cough, are you people in Eden still afraid of that?'

'no, of course I'm not afraid, but without the contrast when the appearance is intact, the effect will not be shocked in the future...'

before the voice of the pink face falls, the room suddenly becomes quiet.

is it over?

the men under the sand whale, the soldiers with various weapons, and the eight women who looked frightened and uneasy... All the people in the room turned their faces to the small door at the same time.

several small cameras immediately flew to the front of the door and aimed at the door under the manual control.

on the screen, the female anchor seems to have just learned something, and she quickly explains to the audience. The camera suddenly switches to the picture captured by the small camera - it is in front of the changing room.

the whole garden of Eden is waiting for the appearance of No. 97.

after a while, the door was finally opened slowly.

two legs stained with blood stepped out from behind the door. The field pants have been broken into strips of cloth, hanging on the legs one by one, unable to cover large wounds; Looking up along the pants, the upper body and face were all right, without any injury.

it's not the point that the same plain and proud face as just now - the point is that No. 97 actually walked out of the door.

the small camera seemed to freeze. In the eyes of the people who forgot to speak, Lin Sanjiu smiled and dragged something out of the door and threw it on the ground.

that is the body of the sand whale without a large chest and empty shoulders.

seeing that the soldiers were holding weapons, they immediately surrounded them. Lin Sanjiu smiled calmly: 'I voluntarily participated in the 28th spring fighting competition in Eden. I am No. 97 player, Lin Sanjiu.'

in the pub, a man took off his robe and hat, stared at the big screen, his eyes shining. (to be continued)

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