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Chapter 118 You'll regret it.

Since the Spring Festival fighting competition in Eden, in 28 years, there have been the first female contestants who volunteered to participate.

thanks to the high informatization of Eden, this explosive news quickly spread. Lin San Jiu's provocative appearance has filled everyone's retina in Eden within five minutes.

the remnant body of the sand whale was thrown on the ground like a rag head. The camera only gave a lens and was carried away by a team of people - this is an excellent material when analyzing the combat strength of player 97 in the future; Immediately, surrounded by a group of soldiers, Lin Sanjiu sat back on his chair, took the initiative to carry his hands and was tied up again.

the cameraman must have no idea how to deal with this situation - a large number of cameras surround Lin Sanjiu and put her all-round images on the screen; The pink faced host was so excited that his blue veins jumped out and grabbed a camera that was going to Lin San Jiu. He was shouting at the audience at the top of his voice; Several medical personnel hurried in to check her injury...

only Lin Sanjiu, who was in the middle of the crowd, was still calm.

the pink faced host breathed a few breaths and came to her face. Spittle splashed everywhere: 'excuse me, contestant 97, what happened in the dressing room? Why are you willing to take the initiative to participate? Do you know the contents of the new year's fighting competition?'

for a long time, Lin Sanjiu turned his head and looked at him.

she did not intend to pour out her heart to these people.

... Although she looked very calm when she walked out of the door; But what happened in the dressing room, in fact, until now, as long as she recalls it, she has lingering fear.

among all the people she met, if you want to rank the most lethal abilities, this sandstorm body is definitely the top three.

under the attack of the two sandstorms at that time, Lin Sanjiu did not have a way out - because she originally planned to bring the sandstorm back to him, just as sand whale thought, so that he could avoid the mouse... But she did not expect that there was more than one place in the other's body that could be sandy, and she was forced into a moment of life and death.

at that moment, her eyes fell on her feet.

there are many curtains for partition in this changing room, probably because it is shared by many people. In the dodging pursuit just now, they had already been torn apart by the two men, and now they are rolling all over the ground.

at the foot of Lin San Jiu, a curtain of wrinkled cloth is lying.

it took a while to say that, in the instant of the lightning flint, she fell heavily to the ground. At the same time, she grabbed the curtain with her left hand and covered her head, face and upper body.

this action took less than half a second. At the same time when the sand whale laughed loudly, the sand grains had been wrapped with ferocious force and hit the cloth in Lin Sanjiu's hand.

every grain of sand is like a small iron edged ball, not to mention the cloth. Even if it is hit on the steel plate, it will break a hole - I thought I would see the sand whale on the spot killed by Lin Sanjiu right away. Suddenly, I stopped laughing and became dumb.

the cloth and the large amount of sand falling on it are gone.

only the sand that fell on the curtain hit Lin Sanjiu's leg - but you should know that each grain of sand is actually the flesh and blood that constitutes the body of the sand whale. Suddenly, so much of it disappeared. The remaining bit of strength was not as strong as before, and even her bones were not broken.

Sha Jing stared round at the card held by Lin San Jiu, and then slowly looked down at his empty chest.

the rest of the sand had just scratched her skin and flesh, and rushed back to the master's body, turning into several pieces of flesh and blood to fill a small cavity. However, there is still a hole big enough to be drilled through, but nothing can fill it.

for a moment, Lin Sanjiao could only hear his heart beating like fierce thunder.

sure enough, the sand that was carded by her can no longer be regarded as an effective part of the body of the sand whale.

'plop', the sand whale fell to the ground on both knees, and his face was blank.

'no, it's impossible... Even if you can card the items...' up to now, he has guessed what Lin San wine's ability is, but he just thinks it's incredible: 'but when the sand touches the cloth and has not penetrated the cloth, it will be stuck... No... this kind of accuracy...'

when the card order is issued, as long as the difference is one millionth, Lin San wine will end up with a thousand sands penetrating the body - yes, It was absolutely impossible for her to grasp the opportunity so accurately. But just as her physical strength has increased, Lin San Jiu's application, understanding and exploration of her abilities are becoming more sophisticated, more detailed and more profound day by day.

perhaps it is precisely because of this that the future of growth will be strong.

but now, Lin San Jiu's blood vessels are still jumping wildly because of his gambling. He holds a piece of [sand of chest and abdomen] tightly, and his bones are all white.

'please, please... Give me back my sand...' the sand whale is still talking, which makes people wonder what he uses to make his voice without his windpipe. 'I, I tell you... This is the 28th Chinese new year fighting competition...'

the sand whale could not bear to lie on the ground and still murmured out such a sentence from his mouth.

Lin Sanjiu took the first two steps, and through the hole in his chest, his eyes fell straight on the red carpet on the floor. Her expression was frozen and her voice was soft: 'fighting competition...? isn't that normal? Why do you use this method to find players?'

the sand whale is silent.

it took her several seconds before Lin Sanjiu realized that he was dead.

she squatted in her place for a long time without moving.

after a long time, until she heard the faint excitement of the pink faced man outside, her expression suddenly changed - if the card in her hand could not be bent, I'm afraid [the sand of the chest and abdomen] would have become a pile of paper scraps.

[sand of chest and abdomen]

Introduction: buying and selling organs is not allowed! But buying and selling sand is OK. This product is a dream object specially prepared for the illegal elements who sell and smuggle human organs. It is obviously a handful of sand in the hand, but when it is stuffed into the chest, it turns into a half heart, two complete lungs, a stomach full of walking chicken... And so on. It was originally the blood and flesh of the sand whale. However, when it comes to the actual combat value, it is equivalent to No.

... The touch of the card touching the hand seems to remain in the palm of the hand, while the pink faced man next to him saw Lin San's silence and asked: 'do you know the contents of the competition?'

Lin San Jiu shakes his head slowly.

after receiving her response, the pink faced man immediately turned back to the camera and shouted, 'this is a record breaking event!'—— Just as he began to chatter, Hui Chuyan, not far away, suddenly burst out a sharp, short cry, as if she could not control it, and then her body began to shake.

does she know the inside story of this spring fighting competition?

seeing that the camera and the pink face had all turned their attention away from themselves, Lin San leaned under the wine and asked her softly: 'Hey, your name is Hui Chuyan, isn't it?'

the black haired girl raised a pair of tearful eyes, her eyes blankly.

Lin Sanjiu saw that she was about to collapse. No matter how anxious she was, she had no choice but to be patient and slow down: '... What world do you come from?'

this sentence seems to call back a little of her mind. After a long time, Chu Yan choked up and said: 'my hometown is a place where zombies are going on. This is my second world.'

'so coincidentally, this is my second world. How long have you been here?' Although Lin Sanjiu can't understand how she survived the zombie world with such determination, she still tries to make herself look more amiable: 'do you know anything about this competition? Please tell me.'

as soon as she said this, several women nearby turned their eyes and looked forward to Chu Yan's answer.

Hui Chuyan was scared. After a while, she squeezed out a sentence: 'I... I've been here for nearly nine months... I'm not alone... My sister, my sister......

she stuttered, looked frightened and sad. It was hard to straighten out her words. Just after a start, she was suddenly heard on the big screen:' fellow citizens of Eden! ' He was startled and shrank back in the second half of his speech.

Lin San Jiu cursed secretly, but there was nothing he could do. He looked at the big screen with resentment.

the fleshy female anchor sat in the center of the screen with a very excited look and a high and happy voice: 'up to today, all the 100 female contestants in the spring fighting competition have been introduced. In the past few days, we have seen so many contestants with different strengths. Do you have a candidate in your mind?'

one hundred?

these are the only people who were tied up with me. That is to say, before me, there were 91 women who were successively captured in the garden of Eden. So, is it to force these 100 people to kill each other...

Lin San's face sank.

at this moment, she felt a line of sight cast from her side. As soon as she looked back, she just matched Chu Yan's eyes. Although the latter's eyes are facing her, they are empty. They are whispering: '... What did you say about volunteering... You will regret...

Lin Sanjiu frowned:' why? '

Hui Chuyan turns her head to the screen a little numbly. Following her eyes, Lin Sanjiu looked back and saw that the screen was divided into two parts again: a small image in the corner was the female anchor and a group of experts; On the large picture in the center, there appears a line of words -

replay of the wonderful contents of the previous spring fighting matches

'hurry up, the camera must take a clear picture of their appearance after reading the contents, and it will be broadcast to the whole country later!'

the pink faced man behind him shouted at the photographers.

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