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Chapter 147 Answer (nickname reward and watch)

'... that is to say, Xue Fu still noticed something wrong?' Lin San Jiu took a big step and walked over two stairs. His voice contained a wry smile.

'isn't it! She began to mutter when she was halfway there. If it wasn't for Bai Xiaoke's action, she would have come by herself.' Pear and peach are small, and they have to hurry to keep up with the speed of Lin San wine. Her bright black eyes, like those of a puppy, were filled with a relaxed smile: '... Originally, she meant that after I found you, I would take you away even if I dragged you alive.'

'cough!' After knowing that the action outside had just begun for several minutes, Lin Sanjiu felt much relieved. She brightened the steps in front of her with sanding agent, and was a little confused about Xue's quilt at the other end of the garden of Eden. 'I've experienced all the dangers she said. It's just a copy. You see, we've all gone up several floors now. Isn't it all right?'

it is not necessarily true to say that there are several floors, because the black tower only has the lowest floor and the highest floor; In the middle, there are only layers of stairs that seem to spiral endlessly. If the energy center is really in the black tower, it must be on the top of the tower; At this moment, they have climbed four or five winding stairs, but the stairs above the head can not see the end.

'Oh, by the way, what's that copy like? How did you get it?'

even Lin Sanjiu was not able to answer this question. She pondered for a while, looked back at pear and peach, and suddenly smiled: 'in fact, I don't know... Let me tell you the story in the copy to see if you can find the answer. Even if there is one more cobbler, it is good.'

after that, she told Li Tao as much as possible about what happened in the copy.

the story lines of the fairy tale copy are interspersed with each other, and the time is chaotic. Lin Sanjiu himself finds it difficult to tell; But she couldn't believe it. After her messy talk, Li Tao understood.

'... I'm lucky to be able to come out. Because I really can't figure out what's going on with this copy...

in the flickering silver light, Lin Sanjiao, listening to the regular footsteps of the two, vomited out his perplexity.

the pear and peach beside me were quiet for a while, and seemed to be baffled. The silver light lit up the stairs in front of me, but I couldn't see her expression. After a long time, she said softly: 'the three heroes are not the right age, which is very interesting...'

'what do you think?' Lin San Jiu asked with great interest.

there is still a long distance from the tower top; Out of prudence, she didn't release her speed completely. On the way to the top of the tower, she was willing to listen to Li Tao's views.

Li Tao's pace slowed down imperceptibly. She smiled hesitantly: 'it's just an idea. I don't know if it's right.'

'what does that matter? You say.'

'... I think it may be fundamentally wrong to think in terms of the logic that 'something happened in the past, which led to something happening in the future'.' The first sentence of Li Tao caught the attention of Lin San Jiu: 'I think these three stories should be independent and irrelevant.'

'eh? But the prince's death... And Lyra's mirror... How to explain?'

Li Tao seems to think that it is a bit tricky to express her ideas correctly - after thinking about it, she asks, 'do you have any paper on you?'

Lin San Jiu stops and rummages through his card library. Most of the materials were found in the extreme temperature hell, and there were not many paper products in the high temperature; She finally pulled one out of a roll of toilet paper and handed it to pear and peach.

'I want three.' Li Tao said.

Lin Sanjiu was stunned. He seemed to have caught something, but he still didn't understand it. She handed over two more sheets of paper and turned the toilet paper back into a card. Just as she was about to put it away together with some other things, she suddenly found that there was still a diary card in the middle.

'ah, isn't this my cute little beauty!'—— There is only one sentence on the card.

before Li Tao saw this disgraceful card, Lin San Jiu quickly put it into his body. Then he looked up as if nothing had happened. He found Li Tao pondering. He held two sheets of toilet paper with the fingers of his left hand and the last one with his right hand and placed it under them.

now, the three sheets of toilet paper show the upper, middle and lower layers in the air.

'each piece of paper represents a story.' Li Tao cleared his throat. His voice was excited. It seemed that he liked to decrypt. 'They are parallel and do not interfere with each other. Each has its own time flow.'

'the story of blue beard has the largest time span and the fastest time flow.' As she spoke, she took out the top one alone, and drew a short bar and a dot with her nails - the short bar and dot repeatedly interacted several times, representing high frequency. 'Blue Beard met the fairy at the age of seven and married Lyra at the age of nearly forty. It was nearly thirty years.'

Lin Sanjiu nodded to show that he understood.

'followed by little red riding hood.' This time, the bars drawn by pear and peach were slightly longer, and the frequency of bars and dots was lower. 'More than twenty years have passed since Emma became little red riding hood.'

'so, Cinderella is the slowest time flow?' Lin San Jiu could not help but reply.

'that's right. When the other two stories -- oh, you can think of them as these two sheets of toilet paper -- have been moving forward for decades, at most a few months have passed in Cinderella's world.' Then, Li Tao drew a long bar and a dot on the third piece of paper. A short piece of toilet paper can only accommodate two long bars to the end.

she placed the three sheets of paper in parallel again. But this time, Li Tao pulled a hairpin from her hair and pointed it at the toilet paper.

'now I'm the old man fairy. I tricked Cinderella into agreeing to make several holes in her paper.'

Lin Sanjiu vaguely realized something, and felt a piece of sweat on his back.

'this dot is like the time period when the prince looks for Cinderella.' The tip of the hairpin in Li Tao's hand pierced a hole from the dot of the third piece of toilet paper, penetrated it, reached the second layer, and the hairpin changed its direction. 'In this layer of little red riding hood, the time point when Little Red Riding Hood meets the werewolf.'

'now, the countless tiny bacteria dust on the toilet paper, along with the holes, comes to a new layer of paper. Whether it is the 'werewolf' bacteria on hindrera's paper or the 'Prince' bacteria on Little Red Riding Hood's paper... On this point, the characters and stories on the two layers of different time mobility blend.'

'I am also a... Bacterium that shuttles back and forth between three pieces of paper.' Lin San Jiu stared at the toilet paper and smiled bitterly. Because the place where the toilet paper was pierced was not straight up and down, it was somewhat distorted. In the dim silver light, it seemed that there was life floating in the air.

Li Tao nodded earnestly. 'If you follow the same pattern and make a few more holes, you will see strange phenomena. For example, blue beards of the past and the future exist in the palace at the same time.'

she pulled out one of her hair, chose two points on the blue beard paper that were far apart, pierced two holes, and strung her hair in. The two ends of the hair hung on the hindrella paper and wore a dot. With a gentle pull, the blue beard paper immediately wrinkled up, and the two dots were tightly attached to a certain point of the toilet paper below.

'that's why the old man said to blue beard, '18 years is much shorter than you imagined'!' Lin San Jiu murmured half in amazement and half at a loss.

Li Tao smiled: 'that's right. Once you realize that the essence of the three stories is actually a 'three-level' story, you will find that nothing can be sure and save three people at the same time - because you are only an outsider, you can't pierce the story level like that old man and fairy. And the existing 'blending point' - let's call it that, does not connect the three levels at the same time.'

'can... The copy also deceive people?'

'no, that stone tablet didn't deceive you.' Li Tao put out a finger to swing, kneaded the three pieces of paper into a ball, and threw them away. 'It's a narrative trick.'

'... Narrative ruse?' Lin Sanjiu repeated softly and followed her slowly.

'it's very simple - Little Red Riding Hood is the protagonist of the Little Red Riding Hood story, and Cinderella is the protagonist of the Cinderella story. Then why is Lyra the protagonist of the blue beard story?'

the soft and quiet voice of pear and peach spreads gently in the dark, like a wave hitting the stone wall. However, it sounds like thunder to Lin San Jiu's ears.

'because, because...' she tried to say something but got stuck. Because she suddenly found that she didn't even know why she thought Laila was the main character -

'shouldn't the main character of the blue beard story be blue beard?' Li Tao smiled.

'however, it is said on the stone tablet that the three protagonists were all in a critical situation and needed me to rescue them - at that time, Laila did encounter life danger after seeing blue beard.'

'what were you going to do at that time?' In the dim silver light, Li Tao looked back at her.

'I was going to... Kill bluebeard.' Lin San Jiu replied stupidly and understood.

speaking of this, it's already clear that as long as Lin San Jiu doesn't kill blue beard, it's equivalent to saving his life. However, I'm afraid no one who was caught up in it could understand this point at that time.

'although the whole copy is a trick, it's useless to meet you.' Li Tao said with a gentle smile, 'no matter who it is, as long as you think more, you will not let Blue Beard go - after all, he shows the most doubts. As long as your mind is trapped, I'm afraid it's difficult to make a correct decision... But fortunately, you are a person whose muscles act before the brain, and instead you solve the copy neatly.'

Lin San Jiu really doesn't know if he is praising her.

after a while, she said in a low voice: 'no, aren't you very strong? Just listening to my retelling, I have analyzed a lot... If it were you, I would see through it very quickly.'

Li Tao immediately felt a little embarrassed and said, 'what, I'm just a spectator... If it's me, I'm afraid I won't be able to get out.'

'I have two last questions to ask you.' Lin San Jiu suddenly said.


'the first question is, what was the content of the copy you broke through in the black tower?' Lin San Jiu's attitude is not harsh. It seems that he is just trying to pull the strings.

Li Tao, who has been climbing the stairs in front, suddenly stops. In the dark, her figure stood straight, but never looked back.

'the second question is, your name is not Li Tao. Who are you?'

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