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Chapter 159 A naming system at the end of one's wits

The spilled beer wetted a piece of grass, trees and rocks, and the smell of wheat and wine mixed with the smell of food. Finally, a black animal could not help but arch out from under a broken stone slab.

if there were not four short feet under the belly, it would look like a fish; He is covered with black scales and wet mucus. When he crawls in the dirty grass, he will be ignored if he is not careful.

it quickly made a circle around the beer soaked land and carefully climbed to the place where the smell was getting stronger and stronger.

suddenly, there was a 'gurgle'. With the departure of one big foot, the strange animal whose half body was trampled into a pool of blood mud twitched and stopped moving.

looked down at his feet stained with foul smelling liquid. In a series of disgusting sounds from Bai Xiaoke, he walked to one side and wiped his feet with grass leaves.

this episode did not interrupt the people for too long. After a pause, Lin San asked again: 'you just said that you came to this world together?'

surrounded by four women and unable to go anywhere, it was the voice of the young male duck who hid in the sky and trapped Hui Chuyan.

the iron railings were naturally put away long ago because they fell into the hands of the people. Hui Chuyan also returned to her companions in a panic. At this moment, hearing Lin Sanjiu's question, the short boy wiped his nose and looked a little proud: 'yes! Our five brothers have agreed that no matter how hard it is to find a visa officer, we will stay together... After meeting the boss here, we all admire him very much. In the future, six people will advance and retreat together.'

Lin Sanjiu said 'Oh' and showed no interest in his boss: 'how many people are there in your base besides the leader?'

'... Said five.' The young male duck replied in an embarrassed voice.

this is much less than Lin Sanjiu expected - she narrowed her eyes a little incredulously: 'why is there such a small number of people... This can also be called a base? Have you found a visa officer here?'

the short boy immediately stopped his neck and said: 'what's wrong with the small number of people? We have a big place to manage.'

he was just about to say that his own ability is superior. Thinking of what the other party just revealed and his current situation, he still swallowed the rest of his words. '... we haven't found a visa officer for the time being. We go out every day to inspect the site on one hand and find a visa officer on the other hand. But recently, I don't know why. No matter where it is, the number of people has suddenly become very small. We also worry.'

'you forgot, you are still blocking the road and robbing.' Bai Xiaoke felt uncomfortable without stabbing him: 'if there are fewer people, it will be difficult to carry out business?'

the short boy's face turned red. As if she had blocked her from speaking. After a long time, it seemed that we finally found the words to fight back: '... Since we came to this ruined garden of Eden, we have never eaten human food. Are these insects and mice eaten by people? What's more, we can't even eat enough... Since I have the ability. What's wrong with stealing? But I'm unlucky today, and I'm caught by you. I think it's just a mistake!'

when he finished the conversation with dignity and righteousness, Bai Xiaoke did not know what to say. This young man is still young and vigorous. Even under such circumstances, he still has a sense that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. Lin Sanjiu glanced at him. 'What's your name?' I asked

'... We had a good chat. Why ask for your name?' The young man's expression suddenly became very reluctant.

'say it or not?'

'... Green meat melon.' He looked as if he had just eaten a plate of flies.

'ah...?' Xue Fu gave a silly voice.

Lin Sanjiao felt that the serious atmosphere he had just painstakingly created had disappeared. From her side came the sound of several times when his voice was stuck in his nose. Obviously someone is holding back a smile

'OK, green... Green meat melon. Take us to meet your leader.' Lin San Jiu finished this sentence as seriously as possible, which caused green meat melon to look at her in surprise.

Lin San Jiu naturally has her plan.

from the interrogation just now, it seems that the six people are far away from the garden of Eden from the moment they were transferred to the world. Therefore, they have no knowledge of what happened under the glass cover.

for them, this is just a doomsday world where it is very difficult to find survival materials. Besides, there is nothing special.

however, Lin San Jiu and his wife are not short of food. Their top priority is how to mobilize more people and cover a wider area to find visa officers. Both sides have their own needs. In this way, they may be able to cooperate with the local leaders here.

as for possible conflicts, Lin San Jiu did not take them seriously at all.

just now it was just an accident that they were tricked. Before they escaped from the garden of Eden, they robbed almost all the places that could be robbed. In particular, many convenient props in the garden of Eden laboratory were converted into cards and stored by Lin San Jiu.

after all, powerful force as a deterrent is the prerequisite for both parties to conduct transactions.

the hands of the green meat melon are tied firmly by the binding rope. Under the constant care of his face, he is very unhappy with each step. Not to mention that Bai Xiaoke kept asking: 'Why are you called green meat melon? Your parents love green meat melon? Do you like green meat melon? Is this a vegetable or a fruit?'

if you don't answer, you will be thrown around by your face. The boy named 'fruit' endured all the way, and finally couldn't stand it. He said in detail: 'in the place where we were born, the country has policies and regulations that do not allow duplicate names, so parents can't name themselves. Every newborn's name can only be randomly selected by machine... But for more than a thousand years, all normal names have been called!'

what is this called breaking the policy? -

even Chu Yan could not help feeling sorry for her.

when green meat melon said this, a row of buildings finally appeared in the vision of several people.

in the doomsday world, these buildings are well preserved; Two or three buildings are connected to the roof through stairs. Although half of them have collapsed and covered with strange looking plants, the other half is still a rare place to live.

after a closer look, there is a piece of wild grass behind the building. There are still rusty swing frames and broken football nets. It seems that this place used to be a primary school.

just at the gate of the primary school, the green meat melon suddenly opened his voice and shouted: 'is the boss here! Is there anyone? I'm a little melon. Come and help me!'

Lin San Jiu and several others did not stop him and let him call.

the sound reverberated among several buildings, until the echo disappeared. The primary school was still quiet, and there was no echo. The green meat melon could not help muttering, 'strange. There should always be some guards on duty.' While getting angry, he shouted again: '517! Error code 517, are you here? Aren't you on duty today? Come out and save me!'

... Error code 517. It seems to be a person's name.

Lin Sanjiu suddenly wants to know how much he can play if he gives them [golden finger].

Xue Fu sighed sympathetically: 'it seems that the person who wrote the name has run out of talent...'

in such an occasion that people can't be serious. After waiting for a long time, a voice full of vigilance finally came from the small building.

'little melon? How did you get caught... Who are these people? What are they doing?' It sounds like a slightly older young man

Lin Sanjiu immediately took a step forward and said in a deep voice: 'we have no intention to hurt this little brother. I just want to see your leader. Please inform him. After meeting the leader, we will naturally release him.'

her voice spread out smoothly and fell into a small building far away, which could also be heard clearly.

error code 517 seems to be the first time I have met this kind of thing. Some of them shouted 'wait a minute!', Then there was no sound.

517 takes a long time. But there was nothing we could do, so we had to wait at the door without saying anything. In the eyes staring at him, the green meat melon anxiously changed his posture several times.

Lin San Jiu called out a card and held it in his palm, quietly waiting for the opportunity. However, at this moment, the ground suddenly shook violently, and then a deep pit appeared at the feet of the head, Xue Fu and Bai Xiaoke. The three people fell straight down without even shouting.

the magnitude of the earthquake on the ground was very large, almost like a small earthquake - the incident happened suddenly. When Lin Sanjiu and Hui Chuyan finally got their feet on the ground and stumbled to the front of the pit to save people, a large number of black soil and * grass leaves had gradually closed like a closed mouth, swallowing up the people who fell in.

'bad!' Lin Sanjiu mentioned it in his heart and looked back. As expected, the figure of green meat melon had become very small. He had already taken advantage of this time and ran to the building like a wild dog.

if she let him run, her side would be completely in a passive position -- Lin Sanjiu barely kept her heels in the violent shaking, and when she stepped on her feet, she rushed out like an arrow off the string. Fortunately, the shaking of the ground also brought a lot of impact on the green meat melon. Almost in an instant, when she jumped up, her knee had hit the back of the other side's head, and the green meat melon fell on the ground with a scream.

'who did it? If you don't want to die, let them release them quickly!' Lin San Jiu pressed his neck, and his voice seemed to be dripping with blood.

'OK... I know, it hurts...'

the weak voice of the green meat melon said half of it, only listening to the voice of a second person in the small building: 'who is it? I was bullied!'

Lin San Jiu raised his head with a look of disbelief. (to be continued)

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