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Chapter 69 Good evening, fellow countrymen (nickname reward plus more)

Before Lin Sanjiu's fist rushed into Professor Bai's face, Xiao Hui's arm had expanded rapidly, took a step forward without saying a word, and fiercely swept her face door. Lin Sanjiu ducked backward, jumped away, and confronted Xiao Hui coldly.

the brown haired rabbit caught in her hand was mad: 'don't take me with you if you want to die! Release me quickly!'

Lin San turned a deaf ear to wine, but the ups and downs of her chest and the green veins on her head showed that she was very angry now.

Xu Xiaoyang's face is also very ugly: 'I said that if you dare to hurt my mother, I will never be soft hearted.'

'is there something wrong with your brain?' Lin Sanjiu didn't even look at her, but stared at Professor Bai and shouted, 'you killed countless natural evolutionists just to make them live for 14 months?'

'what are you talking about?' Professor Bai looked at her tearfully, as if he were looking at a grumpy child: 'I said, I want to help these fires continue to multiply until mankind reconstructs civilization again!'

'my mother may be sorry for you, but she's all for the good of everyone...' Xu Xiaoyang also shouted angrily, because Lin Sanjiu just made a rude remark, and her small face was red with anger.

Lin Sanjiu was stunned and immediately realized something.

immediately, she and mather looked at each other, and their eyes were shocked at this time.

thinking carefully, it seems that she has never heard of it in such a long time since she came to the oasis...

she glanced at Hu Changzai, who was also confused. Lin Sanjiu picked up the rabbit in his hand and asked hoarsely, 'Hu Changzai, rabbit, I ask you a word - do you know about 'dice' and the next world...?'

the scene was quiet for a few seconds. Without any answer, Lin Sanjiu understood just by looking at their reaction.

mather immediately sighed and covered her face with her hand.

seeing that the two of them have different faces, there seems to be something very wrong. Hu Chang is in a hurry: 'what's the next world? You two make it clear!'

Professor Bai also frowned slightly.

'... God.' Lin Sanjiu's mouth was bitter, and he simply didn't know how to say this: '... Evolutionary humans can only stay in each world for 14 months. Once 14 months arrive, you will be sent to the next randomly selected world... Similarly, there is also the end of mankind, and there is only a harsher share.'

except for her and Mather, everyone else showed an expression of 'you're talking crazy'.

'what she said is true.' Mather took a step forward and spoke solemnly. 'I came from another world... In my world, the mutant virus with a very high mortality rate was leaked in the experiment. Because it was airborne, 95% of the people on earth had been wiped out before the experts found the antibody.'

Professor Bai's indifferent expression finally showed cracks for the first time. She looked at mather with her mouth open and whispered, 'I, I don't understand... How can there be such a thing...

Hu Chang was feebly' Gu Dong! ' He sat down and said to himself with a wry smile: '... This is the truth.'

'if I guessed right, the degenerate who 'helped' you is from another world!' Lin Sanjiu shook his head as he spoke. 'If he doesn't come from another world, how to explain these technologies in his hand? Before the high temperature comes, any of his technologies is enough to set off a technology *... Have you never doubted?'

Professor Bai stared at her in a daze. He didn't know what he thought, and suddenly his face turned pale: 'wait, wait, that is to say -'

Lin Sangjiu sighed.

'that's right... Professor Bai, you gave 160 ordinary people medicine, and forced them to have the ability to adapt to high temperature from people with no potential value. Now they have to go to the next world.'

'at that time, when I heard Chen Jinfeng talk about the mission of oasis, I couldn't believe it in my heart. Now I think, it's all because these so-called kindlings you gathered will soon disappear... Even you can't continue to stay here, how can you talk about rejuvenating mankind?'

'once these vulnerable people change their environment, I can guarantee that they will die worse than here. Do you know? According to the difficulty, our world is only D-class, which is very easy.'

'from the beginning, you were wrong. Naturally evolved human beings are not a small part of variation, but the hope of human survival! How many hopes have you sent to death so far?'

Lin Sanjiu wanted to continue talking, and mather came up and patted her: 'little wine...'

she found that Professor Bai had been sitting on the ground at some time, lost and ashen. Her lips were trembling uncontrollably, and tiny tears were constantly oozing from the corners of her eyes. Xu Xiaoyang was so scared that he jumped on her and shouted 'Mom' in his mouth, but he couldn't even say a complete word of comfort.

'how could it be... He never told me this kind of thing... I always thought that I was doing good...'

although Professor Bai's way of doing things is quite debatable, her sincerity is beyond doubt - now suddenly learned that her pursuit has always been in fact a bubble in the water, which is really a big blow.

don't mention Professor Bai. Even the brown haired rabbit looks completely unbelievable.

he endured for a while and didn't make a sound. Seeing that Professor Bai and his daughter were still in mourning, Lin Sanjiu finally opened his mouth: '... Professor Bai, I know your feelings must be very complicated now. But I still want to ask you, where is the depravity that cooperates with you?'

Professor Bai didn't seem to hear her question at all. He still sat on the ground dumbly, looking at the direction of the dormitory building, and didn't say a word.

just about to ask again, Lin Sanjiu suddenly felt that her thigh had been scalded, as if it came from inside her pants - she quickly changed the rabbit to hold it in her hand, stretched out her hand, took it out of her pants pocket, and felt out a piece of paper, which was the visa she had taken from the vole.

it's just that the appearance of this visa is completely different now. All the information was heavily crossed out by a thick black line. The whole paper was so hot that it was almost impossible to hold it. At the bottom of it, a line of bright red characters appeared: 'the visa holder has died, and this visa will be invalidated immediately.'

Lin Sanjiu's heart clicked, and he looked at mather conditionally - 12 is dead! Will mather disappear? Did Luze die with him?

unexpectedly, mather beside her was good, and everything was as usual. Just tilted his head, looked at her in doubt and asked, 'what's the matter?'

is it delayed reaction?

'what would you do if 12 died?' Lin Sanjiu barely spit out this sentence, feeling that he had never been so afraid - not even when he was about to be eaten by Ren Nan.

'then I will disappear immediately. Luze is the basis of my existence. If he * dies, I can't live.' Mather paused, and her red hair was beaten on her cheek by the night wind: 'why did you think of asking this?'

Lin Sanjiu looked at her for a while with a kind of apprehensive eyes, and looked at Martha a little uneasy. Then she suddenly realized, patted her thigh and shouted, 'I've been cheated!'

Xu Xiaoyang raised his head with tearful eyes. Hu Changzai also stood up and came up a little uneasy.

'this visa was issued by voles to another person. I don't know why they lied to me -' Lin Sanjiu scolded angrily, 'wait until I go back to pick up that boy!'

except for her and Mather, it was the first time for everyone present to hear about visas, and their expressions were extremely confused.

after thinking about it, the vole side can still be left alone for the time being. The degenerate kind mentioned by Professor Bai is the real problem -

suddenly, the sound of 'slapping' the microphone came out loud from the loudspeaker on the outer wall of the cadre building. Everyone didn't respond for a moment, and they were stunned to raise their heads.

'good evening, fellow oasis people.'

after listening to the man's voice in the loudspeaker for a whole day, he spoke steadily again, as if he was going to play a new radio. Not only the trumpets of the cadre building, dormitory building, canteen... More than a dozen trumpets in the oasis sent out exactly the same sound at the same time, which shook in the night sky, and the water waves scattered all over the whole factory area.

there was a vague commotion in the direction of the dormitory building.

'Hey, it's time. What else do you want to say?' Lin Sanjiu scratched his hair and said impatiently, 'you'd better tell me where the degenerate species is --'

'human beings, please don't be impatient. By my compatriots, I don't mean you.'

this sentence is like a static key, which stagnates the actions of several people. One by one, they raised their heads and opened their mouths, stunned in the same place.

'Now let me provide you with the latest news. Five cadres of mankind have just lost; Professor Bai himself has also learned about the information about the next world, and realized that the so-called rejuvenation of mankind is just an illusion. If we don't take action again, our farm will be completely irretrievable - therefore, I am here to inform you with a heavy heart, please don't worry about the past rules, and enjoy it Kill. '

as soon as the voice in the radio fell, from the top of each factory building, many degenerate species flew up in three places, and soon gathered into a dense hemp, cloud covered and moon covered piece. Black, crustacean wings spread out in the dark night, and the thick smell filled the air with every swing of mouthparts.

' note, please do not cause too big wounds on human beings, so as not to waste resources. The corpses will be stored in a unified way after... '

even if they know that the degenerate species that induced Professor Bai is now upstairs, Lin Sanjiu and several people can't take action.

because at this time, from the roof of the cadre building, there are twice as many degenerate species as in other places; almost every eye is staring at them.

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