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Chapter 74 Control

On the third day after the 'Leopard Commando' returned to the city, Li ordered a cremation ceremony for Wu Hanyu, and the team members cried in the funeral home. When Li Dongsheng personally held Wu Hanyu's urn and rode back to the station with everyone, everyone silently recited Wan Lin in their hearts, expecting him to avenge his comrades in arms!

now I finally heard the news of 10000 Lin, and everyone's frowns finally widened a little. At this time, the satellite phone in Li Dongsheng's waist suddenly rang. Li Dongsheng looked at the number. It was a completely strange number. He pressed the answer button, 'leopard head, this is Wan Lin, I'm close to the border now, location'

Li Dongsheng burst into tears, choking and saying 'OK, OK, cross the border and wait in place'. Hang up the phone, he hugged Hong Hu and shouted 'Wan Lin is back!'

'ouch', Hong Hu shouted, and Li Dongsheng's powerful hug just hit the wound on his back. Li Dongsheng quickly let go of him and shouted excitedly, 'prepare two helicopters for me, one with enough oil to return. I want to pick him up in person.' Then, he shouted to the team member with tears on his face, 'don't stand, fully armed, ready to go. Who knows if this boy is wearing a tail!'

soon, two helicopters roared up carrying members of the 'Leopard Commando'. Hong Hu also took two heavily armed team members to sit with them in a helicopter, and another helicopter filled with oil barrels followed them. The city is more than 80 kilometers away from the border. Without sufficient fuel, helicopters cannot return at all due to range restrictions.

at this time, Wan Lin was close to the border under Allende's leadership. Just now, he reported his position to Li Dongsheng by satellite phone after positioning with the satellite positioning instrument in yoff's bag. Not to mention, yoff's bag has all kinds of special combat equipment, such as infrared telescopes, satellite positioning instruments, communication equipment, cash, etc.

Allende pointed to the path in front and said, 'this road directly leads to the border, but there are checkpoints at the border'. He glanced at the heavily armed Wan Lin 'I guess you don't have legal documents. We can bypass the checkpoints and enter China directly by going to the mountains on the right'.

Wan Lin shook Allende's hand gratefully. 'Thanks to you all the way, it's not far from the border now, so you can go back.' he was about to take money out of his bag.

Allende stretched out his hand to stop him from paying, and said, 'there is an old Chinese saying, what is it? Send the Buddha to the west, and I will send you to the border.' After a few days of contact, Allende had feelings for this terrifying and friendly Chinese.

the two crossed the mountain and soon came to the boundary line. Wan Lin looked at the opposite side of the boundary monument, and tears flashed in his eyes: 'home, finally can go home!'

he turned around and suddenly hugged Allende, patted him hard on the back, then loosened his hand, took out the snake skin bag of 'poisonous snake' from the backpack behind him, handed the bag to him together with the $50000 or $60000 in the bag, and took out the pistol of 'yoff' from his waist and handed it to him, saying silently, 'keep your self-defense.' He turned around and crossed the border.

Allende inserted the pistol into his waist, opened the snake skin bag, and saw a pile of dollars far thicker than he expected. His eyes were full of tears, and he shouted to Wan Lin's back, 'thank you! Can you tell me your name?'

Wan Linchong waved his hand and quickly disappeared in Allende's sight. He came to a vacant lot on the top of the mountain, took out a satellite locator, took a look, picked up a satellite phone and reported his current position to Li Dongsheng.

the helicopter quickly flew over his head and fell to an altitude of 56 meters above the ground. Li Dongsheng jumped directly from the helicopter and hugged the tearful Wan Lin for a long time.

until Zhang wa dropped a rope from the helicopter, the two people raised their heads from their embrace. Li Dongsheng choked and said, 'just go home, just go home.' Wan Lin bent down to hold the floret and threw it at Zhang WA on the helicopter. Zhang wa reached out to catch the floret and kissed it on the forehead.

Li Dongsheng picked up Wan Lin and sent him to the helicopter. He ran up along the rope twice.

the helicopter turned its nose and flew back. Wan Lin sat down on the helicopter, put the sniper gun of 'yoff' and the pistol of 'Viper' in front of the Li team, 'this is the weapon of the two snipers', and then slowly reported what happened after the crossing. As he talked, his voice became lower and lower. Finally, his head tilted sideways and his shoulder tilted vigorously, sending out a slight snore! Sound. He can finally rest assured to sleep!

seeing Wan Lin sleeping, tears welled up in the eyes of all the team members: he was too nervous and tired! Li Dongsheng wiped his tears, took off his coat and gently covered him. Then slowly picked up the two guns seized by Wan Lin and clenched them in his hands. He knew that behind these two weapons were the lives of two world-famous snipers, which Wan Lin bought with his extraordinary courage!

the helicopter finally returned to the station after flying for more than three hours. The helicopter slowly lowered its altitude and stopped on the apron.

'Peng! ' The vibration of the helicopter when it landed woke Wan Lin up. He suddenly jumped up, grabbed a sniper rifle in Li Dongsheng's hand, and 'crashed' it loaded and rushed out of the plane. Xiaohua followed him and jumped out at the same time.

the team members were stunned by Wan Lin's action, and Li Dongsheng first reacted: Wan Lin has not recovered from the fighting state! He cried with tears in his trembling voice, 'Wan Lin, we're home.'

Wan Lin jumped out of the plane and looked around blankly with a gun in his hand. When he heard the voice of team Li, he reacted: home!

Li Dongsheng jumped off the plane and grabbed the gun in Wan Lin's hand. The team members also jumped down and surrounded him. Wan Lin shook his head and suddenly asked, 'where is coach Wu?'

everyone can see that Li Dongsheng doesn't know how to answer. Li Dongsheng knew that he could not go against his will at this time. The intense fighting for more than ten days in a row has strained his nerves, and Wu Hanyu's sacrifice is even worse. A little carelessness may break his nerves, and he must be let out.

looking at the members who didn't know how to answer, Li Dongsheng suddenly shouted, 'all the members of the commando team muster urgently, stand at attention and run with me'. The members lined up behind him and ran towards Li Dongsheng's dormitory. At the door, he shouted 'stand still. Wan Lin stepped out', and Wan Lin shouted 'to' and took a big step forward, 'follow me into the room'.

Li Dongsheng led Wan Lin into the room, pointed to the urn on the table and said word by word, 'this is your coach Wu Hanyu!'

Wan Lin looked at it in amazement. He was stunned for a long time. Suddenly, he knelt down and burst into tears. The team members heard Wan Lin's crying outside the house, and all sobbed.

listening to Wan Lin's hoarse crying, Li Dongsheng's face was full of tears. For a long time, Li Dongsheng went to the table and said to the urn, 'Lao Wu, your apprentice came back safely. He avenged you with his own hands! You can close your eyes and go away with confidence!' With that, he turned around and pulled Wan Lin up, saying in a harsh voice, 'stand up, don't disgrace your master!'

Wan Lin wiped the tears on his face, walked to the table, bowed respectfully to the urn for three times, turned around and said to Li Dongsheng, 'Captain, let's take the coach home.'

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