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Chapter 75 School (1)

In the afternoon of the same day, all the staff of the 'Leopard Commando' said goodbye to Hong Hu and returned to their training base by plane. Hong Hu looked at the distant plane and sighed in his heart, 'how can Lao Li find such a strong team member?'.

on the morning of the second day after returning to the base, all members of the 'Leopard Commando' drove and buried Wu Hanyu's ashes in the martyrs' cemetery. Major general Gaoli of the War Department of the military region personally held a burial ceremony for him.

there were no relatives of Wu Hanyu in the burial ceremony. He was an orphan who grew up in a welfare home since childhood. After the ceremony, Wan Lin sat in front of the coach's tombstone, silent, and sat for a long time

after the burial ceremony, Li Dongsheng returned to the military area command headquarters with major general Gao Li. He reported the battle process to Minister Gao in detail, especially his concern about Wan Lin's mental state.

Li Dongsheng said with a worried face: 'If there were no Wan Lin in this battle, our commando might be completely destroyed in the helicopter. But Wu Hanyu's sacrifice hit him too hard, and he secretly pursued across the border in violation of the military order. However, he killed two famous snipers alone and wiped out the terrorist organization's training base in the country. But I'm still very worried about his mental state, and we can't let such excellent soldiers fall down.'

Minister Gao listened to him quietly. Pondering for a moment, he said, 'Wan Lin should be punished for disobeying the military order, but we must protect such a bloody soldier. It is a great feat for him to destroy foreign bases alone! We can't let the soldiers who shed blood and sweat for the country cry again! We don't want to mention disobeying the military order anymore.' Li Dongsheng quickly inserted, 'yes, I think so, too.'

Minister Gao then said, 'as for the mental state, I have a lot of responsibility. Even the iron man can't stand your continuous high-intensity confrontation. It's my thoughtlessness, and the responsibility lies with me. For young players like Wan Lin, we should consider their future. They are the wealth of our army. I want to discuss this with the commander, and you should also think about it and make a report to me.'

Li Dongsheng left the operation Department with great relief. He has been worried that his superiors will investigate Wan Lin's violation of military orders, but he dare not hide it. Disobeying military orders on the battlefield is a major crime, ranging from a military court trial to the execution of battlefield discipline and killing on the spot. The minister's words reassured him.

a few days later, Minister Gaoli accompanied general Zhong Hanrui, the commander of the military region, to the special brigade training base.

Minister Gao Lin read out two military commands to all members of the 'Leopard Commando'.

one is a commendation order: to award the collective first-class merit of the 'Leopard Commando'. Posthumously awarded Wu Hanyu special merit, the title of martyr of the Republic, the first-class merit of Wan Lin, the rank of major, the first-class merit of other team members, and the rank rose one level.

the second order is: in view of the excellent performance of four young players, Wan Lin, Cheng Ru, Zhang Wa and Wang Dali, in many battles, the Military Region decided to escort them to the Army Academy for one year.

after the order was read out, commander Zhong Hanrui stood up, Say forcefully: 'Since the formation of the commando, you have made many meritorious contributions and won honors for the military region. I thank you, the military region, and you! Zeng Zi once said that soldiers must be resolute, have a long way to go, and you have a long way to go. You shoulder the great historical mission of protecting your country and eradicating evil! The burden on your shoulders will be heavier. I ask you: forget the past, meet newer and heavier challenges, and live up to the expectations of the military region!'.

after the meeting, Minister Gao left Li Dongsheng and Wan Lin behind. The commander grimaced and said to Wan Lin, 'I heard that you violated the military order this time. According to the discipline, you should be sent to the military court.' Hearing this, Wan Lin turned pale with fear and quickly stood up at attention.

the commander waved him to sit down, smiled on his face, and then said, 'in view of the fact that you have destroyed overseas bases alone this time, I have suppressed the punishment. I should have given you a special credit, so I can only downgrade the reward. However, the death penalty is excusable, but the living crime is to be endured. Send you to the military academy to study, and finish the four-year course in one year'.

Minister Gao smiled at Li Dongsheng and said, 'I didn't give you a promotion this time. You are now a senior colonel, and there will be no place for me if I am promoted again. The number of places to go to the military academy is determined according to your report list. The commander has discussed with President Wan of the army college, and assigned the strongest teacher resources to guide Wan Lin and them, reducing the content of the four-year course to one year. You should make them mentally prepared, and I'll ask you if they can't finish their studies.'

Li Dongsheng smiled and looked at Wan Lin: 'this is really a living sin. Wan Lin, show your state'. Wan Lin quickly stood up and saluted, 'ensure to complete the task'.

seeing off the commander and Minister Gao, Li Dongsheng told Wan Lin, Cheng Ru, Zhang Wa and Dali together. Wan Lin returned to the dormitory, explained to Xiaohua, and then entrusted it to the old monitor Wang Hong to let Xiaohua follow him during this period of time. The next morning, Li Dongsheng led them to the Army Academy in the provincial capital.

when they entered the campus, Wan Lin was immediately attracted by the magnificent teaching buildings, experimental buildings, sports fields and large lawns in the University. Looking at the students walking through with books, Wan Lin sighed: 'I used to dream of going to school in the mountains, but I didn't expect to enter the university campus in my life!'

Zhang wa also shook her head: 'no, my parents forced me to study since childhood, and I joined the army because of my poor study. I didn't expect to be sent back in the end, my life.'

vigorously hit Zhang Wa's head back: 'don't be cheap, how many people break their heads to get a military academy quota. Don't want to give the quota to others', Zhang wa rolled her eyes: 'who says I don't want to go. One year later, I don't know who can't graduate.'

several people fight and come to the president's office with Li Dongsheng. 'Report' Li Dongsheng shouted at the door, 'come in'. Li Dongsheng took several people into the room.

'are you Dean Wan?' Li Dongsheng looked at the old soldier sitting behind a big desk with the rank of lieutenant general on his shoulder and gray temples and asked. The lieutenant general nodded, and Li Dongsheng saluted, 'Li Dongsheng, leader of the special combat brigade of the military region, was ordered to lead four students, including Wan Lin, to report to you.'

Dean Wan nodded and looked at several people carefully, saying, 'commander Zhong has introduced the situation of the four students to me, and you should be prepared to bear hardships', and then asked 'who is Wan Lin?' Wan Lin stood at attention and answered 'yes'. The old Dean looked at him and smiled, 'not bad.' Then he asked the Secretary to take them to register as students and arrange dormitories. Li Dongsheng helped them complete the relevant procedures and returned to the base alone. Because the identity of the 'Leopard Commando' members is top secret, they only fill in the name, age and other basic information on the student registration form, and the word 'special recruit' is marked in the column of student source.

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