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Chapter 76 School (II)

In the evening, the four people asked for leave and walked out of the college gate. Cheng Ru said that he went to the military region courtyard to find the fellow villagers and left alone. Wan Lin and his colleagues rushed straight to the girls' dormitory of the military region hospital.

just entering the dormitory yard, she vigorously shouted with a strong Shandong accent: 'Xiao Li'. Hearing his Shandong accent, the little nurses in Xiao Li's dormitory shouted with a strong Shandong accent, 'Xiao Li, your boyfriend is coming'. Xiao Li ran out of the dormitory with a red face and complained vigorously, 'you won't keep your voice down'.

at this time, Xiaoya and Rong, who lived in the same dormitory nearby, also ran out. The three of them circled around Wan Lin and Rong exclaimed, 'ah, another promotion.' At this time, Wan Lin was already holding the rank of major, and Dali and Zhang wa were already captains.

'it's more than a promotion. I'll announce another great good news.' Zhang wa stopped proudly. Seeing Rong and Xiaoli stretching their necks and waiting, he just 'Hey' smiled, but didn't say. Looking at his show off, he slapped his ass vigorously: 'ignore him, I say', but he also laughed and didn't say a word.

seeing that her friend was teased by two people, Xiaoya next to her was so angry that she slapped her shoulder vigorously: 'ignore them, I tell you: they went to military school'.

'true or false? Eh, how do you know?' Rong looked at Xiaoya suspiciously. 'I've just heard of it,' Xiaoya said with a smile.

Zhang wa held back for a long time, but Xiao Ya got dressed. She breathed out and said, 'really, really'. Excited Xiao Li and Rong pulled Dali and Zhang wa out respectively.

going to military school is the dream of every active serviceman. Going to military school is like opening a door to a smooth career. No wonder Xiao Li and Rong are so happy.

seeing Wan Lin's slightly tired face, Xiaoya took him to the stone bench in the yard and sat down. 'This is a big happy event. Why are you unhappy? Are you scared of studying four years a year?' Xiaoya laughed he he he! Said. 'No, coach Wu Hanyu died in this mission,' Wan Linnan said.

hearing that coach Wu died, Xiaoya's face darkened. She heard Wan Lin talk about coach Wu many times and knew that he was like a brother and father in Wan Lin's heart.

'I heard that you finished your four-year course in one year. Is there anything like this?' Seeing his low mood, Xiaoya quickly changed the topic. 'Yes, I don't know if I can keep up with the progress,' Wan Lin said.

Xiaoya quickly smiled and comforted, 'my brother is so smart, no problem. Besides, I'm a sister, no problem.' Wan Lin was also happy: 'well, I won't just look for you.'

early the next morning, they began their intense study. According to the syllabus developed by Dean Wan personally, they will learn basic knowledge in the first two months. After passing the examination, they will learn relevant knowledge according to the teaching content of 'information and combat command department' from the third month, and reach the undergraduate level one year later. The teacher is also a professor of various majors selected by Dean Wan himself.

the four-year course is reduced to one year, and four people are really going to suffer 'living sins' every day, as the commander said. Other students have at most six classes a day, but Wan Lin has ten classes a day and studies by himself for at least three or four hours in the evening.

Xiaoya came to see them during their weekly rest. Seeing their red eyes, they quickly helped wash clothes and cook delicious food.

among several people, Wan Lin's foundation is the worst, especially English. Fortunately, others have all read high school, but Wan Lin has not studied for a day, and can only start from B.

they don't know that Wan Lin received strict family martial arts training since childhood, especially Qigong, which not only trained his bones as hard as steel, but also trained his brain. He not only has an unforgettable memory, but also has a strong understanding. His brain is like a dry sponge, rapidly absorbing in the ocean of knowledge.

in a blink of an eye, the two-month basic learning is over. The next day, there was an exam. It was twelve o'clock in the evening. The four people were still holding books and watching. Cheng Ru was very serious. The three people were happy. He closed the books and yawned, saying, 'don't stay up too late for the exam tomorrow, and go to bed today.'

Wan Lin and Zhang wa promised to put down their books, sit cross legged on the bed and start meditating. Practicing Qigong before going to bed has been Wan Lin's habit for more than ten years. Zhang wa was taught to him, Xiaoya and Rong by the Lord when he visited him last time with Wan Lin. Since then, he also insisted on meditating for two hours every day.

Zhang wa has tasted the sweetness of practicing the qigong handed down by Wan Lin's family. He began to practice with Wan Lin for more than ten days, and he felt as light as a swallow. With the continuous practice after coming back, he felt that his sensitivity, reaction, energy and memory were far better than before.

after the two finished meditation, they saw that Dali was still holding a book and reciting English words in his mouth. Zhang wa grabbed his book: 'it's two o'clock. You don't want to take the exam tomorrow, go to bed.'

among the four people, Cheng Ru has the best foundation. In the college entrance examination after graduating from high school, he was only two points away from one. He was angry and simply failed to pass the two. He directly signed up to join the army, followed by Dali and Zhang WA, and WAN Lin has the worst foundation.

at the weekend, the last exam is over. The next day was Saturday, and everyone was uneasy waiting for the result, and didn't want to go anywhere. The three girls who come every week on the rest day have no news today.

after lunch, Cheng Ru, who had a spectrum in his heart, finally couldn't help running out to play. Wan Lin three people saw that several girls didn't come, and they all slept lazily in bed.

at more than three o'clock in the afternoon, the dormitory door was 'bang' and Rong ran in with a piece of paper: 'good news, good news', Xiaoya and Xiaoli followed with a smile.

the three people on the bed turned over and sat up. Zhang wa first jumped up, reached for the paper in Rong's hand, and asked 'what good news?'.

Rong put her hands behind her and raised her face with an air of 'Hey', which made her sell.

Zhang wa sat cross legged on the bed, 'what good news can you have?' Xiaoli couldn't help but say, 'your exam results have passed.'

three people jump up when they listen to it. 'Dong! ' Zhang WA, who has been practicing Wanjia Qigong and sat cross legged on the bed, worked too hard and pushed her head to the ceiling. 'Ha ha! Ha!' several people looked at Zhang wa who fell on the bed and rubbed her head and laughed.

Rong clutching her stomach and laughing, came up to Zhang Wa and held up the page in her hand to 'see'. Wan Lin and Dali also came up to look at the report card. Four people passed every subject. The best overall score was actually Wan Lin, followed by Zhang WA, Cheng Ru and Dali. The scores of vigorous subjects have just passed the pass line.

vigorously breathed out: 'I've passed the test. I'm so nervous. No, Wan Lin, you have the worst foundation. How did you get the first place in the exam?' Wan Lin replied with a smile, 'I'll try my best.'

Zhang wa asked Rong aside, 'by the way, where did you get your report card?' Rong said, 'Xiaoya gave it to me'. Wan Lin and the three people looked at Xiaoya, and Xiaoya smiled, 'whatever it is, it's your report card.'

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